Autopsy North v Cats

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Club Legend
Jul 19, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I was a bit optimistic going into this as thought found some confidence.

I was wrong.

We were simply horrible first half, and I simply can't explain our effort levels or if it's just other team switches off.

Execution far too loose, need to be much sharper with ball in hand. (especially under pressure)

Our game plan is quite ugly but I don't fully blame our coaches, as Shaw can hopefully reshape our team. (yes, hopefully)

Brown hurt yes but it's much deeper than that.

Polec deserves to be dropped (again).

Some positive signs from young players.

Positives: closer to a better pick I guess.

Negatives: Another game we simply didn't look near good enough.

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Team Captain
Sep 24, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
  • Scoreboard flattered us. Geelong toyed with us for majority of the night.
  • Good to get another game into Mahony, McKay, Scott etc. All showed glimpses.
  • Hosie was good on debut. 2 goals take that.
  • Dumont. Solid. Gives it his all. Loved him throwing his body in the hole against Hawkins. Vintage Arch. Has a dip. 8 tackles.
  • Daw. Another game into him but he showed he could be anything with a big pre-season.
  • Goldy. Sloppiest game of the year. Looked like he was in second gear all game.
  • Hall. Not enough against quality opposition. Classy finish late though.
  • Kudos to JMAC. Really solid in defence.
  • Walker. Competes all day.
  • Higgins. Described as a Rolls Royce. So much footy smarts.
  • Jed. Love his attack but needs to work on his disposal efficiency.
  • Brown getting injured early. Not his year.
  • LMAC. Fantastic.
  • Tarrant absolute dominated Dangerfield.
  • Not sure on Bonar.
  • Loved Will Walker’s chase.
  • We didn’t get smashed but we never really threatened at all. Definition of ‘honourable’ loss.


Club Legend
Apr 19, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
One passage of play we look fantastic, moving the ball quickly and hitting targets.

Next, we go slow down the line, invite pressure and turn it over.

Don't even get me started on getting sucked into the contest.

We could have the best list in the comp, but we play this way and we won't be winning a flag.

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Only Forwards

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 14, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
You thought we would get enough confidence playing against a side so bereft of anything resembling AFL standard set up, pressure, presence that we'd roll a side that is clearly destined for finals?

I mean the reality is we were 17th for a number of reasons and smacking a down and out side changed none of them.

We made 4 changes bringing in:
a bloke who's been out of form
A bloke who's out of favour and it shows
A kid who hasn't played in two years
A debutant.

And You were optimistic?

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