Game Day North v Geelong (aka The Catpain Kangaroo Cup)

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Sep 27, 2014
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North Melbourne
He actually defended the Ablett one which is what annoys me. Ablett was obviously in the wrong but they're trying to give him every out.

That hit should have been applauded as a hard contest between 2 footballers, instead its being looked at as a bad hit worth weeks.
Shepherd to protect your teammate running with the ball, a football act as old as the hills, apparently suspension worthy.

Jumping with your head turned away, elbow up, nah nothing in it.

I hate the way so many football commentators decide on an act by the outcome, not whether it was a legitimate football act or not. If you hurt someone in a bump or tackle, it should be looked on more leniently because it's a football act. A random (whether genuinely intentional or 'careless' by lifting it and looking away) elbow to the head should be suspension worthy no matter the outcome because it's not a football act.

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Not open for further replies.
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