Unofficial Preview North v St Kilda, round 1, 2020 (42 days to go)

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Nov 14, 2019
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St Kilda
Mate, if you're going to come in here and discuss the match in an intelligent & balanced manner, then by all means contribute.

If your goal is to post infantile crap and squib it under an alt account, then we already have a full quota on this board. Just go away.
Grumpy at the upcoming loss already I see. Im just stating my opinion as anyone else would. :)


Well you know...
Mar 21, 2010
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North Melbourne
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Bali 6's, Dorothy Mantooth
Saints by 40 points.

New coach & pre-season hype of players needing to get to training on time will be swiftly forgotten.

Hope I'm wrong obviously but historically the group is dormant in round 1.


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Nov 27, 2000
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North Melbourne
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This thread is mega delusional. Saints will win it no problems. Still as a fellow shit house club I wish you Roos the best of luck this season after we beat you in Rd 1.
I really think following St Kilda had head farked their fans. Win another three flags and get back to me.

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kaboom kid

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Apr 28, 2016
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North Melbourne
Geeze a bit of respect wouldn't go astray in here.

We've won 1 round 1 game in the last 10 years.

7 round 1 games in the last 20 years.

Not sure where the cockiness is coming from.
Saints are roadkill.... anything less than a 100 point win to us is abject failure for mine and I will head straight over to the Sack Shaws thread to vomit toxic bile.... you have been warned leadership group

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