Training November Footy Fix - 2022 training watch

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 5, 2018
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Is it no longer 14 days of quarantine for a positive Covid test? Didn't Finn test positive a week ago?

Mitch Lewis btw! Big fella.


Brownlow Medallist
May 6, 2009
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So another pre season and we are back out there at Waverley on a spectacular day

Yes I was excited this morning its been a while and it was the beginning of such a beautiful day.

1st to 4 Years out on the track including new collingwood recruit Max

No Shows: Pup, Punky, Phillips, Howe, Dimma, Nash(might be back home in Ireland), JOM, Big Boy, Sic, Imp and Morrison

Rehab: Gunners, Day, CJ, Moore, Downie

Jeff and I were out there as the only blokes mad in enough to show up before 9am apart from the players. He spoke to Mitchell for a while before Sam came downstairs.

Got to speak to some of the players and Mark McKenzie

Gunners is slowly getting back on track again. Started really slow before picking up the pace on the far side.
The other blokes in rehab should be back to full training in Jan.

I spoke to CJ and asked him whether he would defend his running title he said he would have to wait till January

So it was noticeable that Lewis, Kosi, Saunders and Brockman had been working hard in the gym.

Chad is in great nick its amazing how much quicker he looks when he doesn't have the lingering soft tissue issues.

Kosi looks to have bulked up and in one of the kicking drills where he took a mark just inside 50. The coaches sprung a surprise and asked him to line it up for a goal. This was fairly early in the session. With 2 or 3 men on the mark and the rest lined up like a gauntlet on either side of the mark Kosi trundled in with lots hooting and howling going on. He Slammed it straight through the middle post high from 45m to the whole ground cheering and high fiving him and hugging him off the ground. It had obviously been a focus for him pre season.

Lewis looks like a man mountain out there. I want to see what he can do when we start getting some intra games in.

Bramble's kicking is noticeable but the one that really caught my eye that was flying on the ground was Brockman. Its only been one session but look out for him this year. Has come back in ripping shape. Silky skills and ball control. It is going to be exciting watching him this year.

The younger group were led by Hartigan who was using his voice during the get togethers on the boundary line when they went to get a drink. Quite a bit of noise out there and every one pretty keen to get into it.

The drills were nothing special handball and kicking drills

They then had a half field end to end gaelic football game where you could throw, handball and kick a round ball through the goals

It was sad when I realised I had to leave but it was a great to get back into it. Till next time

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Club Legend
Jun 17, 2019
AFL Club
Yep. Surely those guns are enough to rid Jack of the Draco Malfoy tag.
The ball is now in Sam's court, and I wait expectantly for a new moniker - or does he stick with Mighty Mouse now that it is no longer an ironic nickname?

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Mighty Mouse is even more fitting now no? Both have Pecs for days.

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