Prediction Now that we're back, can we make the finals?

Do you think we will make the finals?

  • Yes! I have already got my flights and accommodation booked for an Elimination Final at the G

  • No, we'll miss out and I'll be devastated

  • I think we will but don't deserve to

  • We'll miss out and it will be the best thing for us

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Sep 25, 2014
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Sturt, Adel United & Leeds United
If we win 1 of our last 2 we need: Bombers to lose both, Dogs to lose 1 and not gain %
Win both, hope Bombers lose at least 1 or Port drop a game/%

History shows we struggle against the Pies and we never win big crunch games like this..

I Just hope it doesn't dome to waiting for Port to play at 4:10 Round 23 and them needing to win by 24 points again Freo...
Anyway the only reason I want to scrape into the 8 is to make Carltons pick worse off.
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