NRL NRL 2020 Season - Grand Final - Penrith vs Melbourne live discussion

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Apr 8, 2006
2014 or 2008. Probably 2008.
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Diehard rugby league fans and casual observers alike united in their dislike of Phil Gould on Sunday night.
Gould copped an absolute pasting on social media from punters who accused the Channel 9 analyst of being “biased” in his commentary of Melbourne’s Grand Final win over Penrith.
Gould coached the Panthers to their first premiership in 1991 and was the club’s head of football for many years until stepping down from his post in 2019.
Melburnians are already sensitive about what they see as an anti-Storm sentiment north of the Victorian border, and they were given some extra ammunition from Gould’s work behind the microphone in the early exchanges of the season’s biggest game, convinced he was favouring the Panthers over Craig Bellamy’s troops.
It started when Storm centre Justin Olam was awarded a penalty try in the opening minutes because Panthers centre Tyrone May kicked out with his leg to prevent his opponent from grounding the ball — which is illegal.
Nine commentator Peter Sterling said at halftime it was the right decision and plenty on social media agreed. At the time Gould said: “I don’t know what Tyrone May could have done any differently there.
“It is not what I would call indiscriminate kicking but the referee ruled he’s played at the ball with his foot.”
Gould also disagreed with a knock-on call against Panthers back-rower Viliame Kikau later in the first half.
“It wasn’t knocked on. He actually threw a pass that was knocked down by a Melbourne Storm player,” Gould complained. “The ruling’s wrong. The ruling’s wrong.
“Where was the linesman on that play?
“Should have been play-on.”
The way Gould kept talking up the Panthers even when they went to halftime down 22-0 also grated with an angry Melbourne audience, which was keen to make its feelings known.
Melbourne-based broadcaster Andy Maher tweeted: “Commentary already a one-sided joke.
“It’s 16-0 and he reckons the other mob are on top. You can’t make this stuff up.”
Aussie tennis star Dylan Alcott said at halftime: “22-0 to the Storm but ALL the momentum with the Panthers according to big Gus Gould. Give it a rest.”
AFL legend Shane Crawford added: “Sport is all about scoreboard pressure but apparently Phil Gould thinks Storm are struggling … (hold your breath) pleasexplain.”
Fellow footy great Brendan Fevola said: “Phil Gould is kidding himself. Panthers on top 16-0 down,” along with some laughing face emojis.
AFL funnyman Titus O’Reily wrote: “Anti Storm comments from the Channel 9 commentary box? I need this consistency in my life this year.”
Ex AFL reporter Rohan Connolly called Gould “biased”. “This has got to be the most pathetic call of a major sporting event I’ve ever heard. How the hell does Channel 9 cop this?” he tweeted.
Racing writer Ben Dorries wrote on social media: “Watching the NRL grand final with the sound down now. Goose Gould unlistenable.”
Courier Mail rugby league writer Travis Meyn said: “Phil Gould Pro Panther commentary. Wow.
“Between Gould’s commentary and ‘Freddy Cam’ I may struggle to make it to full-time.”
AFL journalist Lee Gaskin tweeted: “Gus Gould. Oh boy. One-eyed much.”
Steve Zemek chimed in with: “Hey @wwos if I get 1000 likes will you pull Gus Gould from the commentary box?”
Legit cannot understand why Ch 9 allows it. ******* amateur hour stuff.

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Laowei street

Oct 25, 2020
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Brave and classy and tough and skilled from the Storm, great win. Hats off to Penrith for finding a way 2nd half. Commentary was bad it was funny, and once you knew that, it was hilarious to see how twisted it could get. The half time comment was classic, that Penriith had all the momentum and if we ignored the score, they were on top. Huh???


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Oct 20, 2014
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If the bunker got it wrong then the rule is wrong, there was no interference on the defenders and made no impact on the play
Can anyone explain that to me? I had no idea what was going on lol
I honestly don't know the rules.

If they were broken by the bunker to keep this game alive, it has my support 100%

F1 doesn't begin for a few hours yet. I need entertainment.
You can’t run behind your own player in a try scoring situation especially. It’s an obstruction and a penalty. They brought this rule in to get rid of the grey area. Too many decisions were being interpreted by the referees and the bunker as to degrees of interference. Supporters were always upset at the decisions one way or the other. Now it’s straightforward and everyone knows the deal.

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