NSW North Coast Serial Killer

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Oct 6, 2001
1998 Nimbin NSW 38 Lois Roberts Aboriginal
1997 Yamba NSW 16 Lee Stace Anglo
1996 Coffs Harbour NSW 20 Ineka Hinkley Anglo
1996 Taree NSW 36 Margaret Cox Anglo

All 4 women were either hitch hiking or walking along a main road.
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Oct 6, 2001
Lois Roberts

Roberts was last seen outside Nimbin Police Station on July 31, 1998. It would appear that she was abducted whilst hitch-hiking between Nimbin and Lismore and then tortured and abused before being killed. Her badly mutilated body was found about six months after her disappearance in January 1999. A bushwalker found the remains in Whian Whian State Forest deep in thick bush some way off a fire trail.

Lee Stace

Peter and Robyn Stace will forever be haunted by the possibility their precious daughter climbed into a killer's car to save the price of a bus fare. Lee Ellen Stace vanished on September 2, 1997, after finishing her shift as a checkout operator at the Bi-Lo supermarket in Yamba. Instead of using the handful of change her mother had given her for the journey home, the pretty, blonde 16-year-old hitched a ride home with a stranger.

Ineka Hinkley

Detectives from his region are also investigating the rape and strangulation murder of Ineka Margaret Hinkley on the mid-North Coast. The 20-year-old former singer from an all-girl band set out from her parents' home in the Melbourne suburb of Eltham on October 25 1996 to hitchhike to Byron Bay. Her partially decomposed and semi-naked remains were discovered on November 6 1996 in bush 60 metres from a truck stop at Pine Creek in the Bongil Bongil State Forest, south of Coffs Harbour.

Margaret Cox

A few kilometres up the road from Possum Brush is Taree, a place still haunted by the mysterious death of a female hitchhiker whose remains were found in the Manning River. The bludgeoned remains of Margaret Cox, 37, were found two days after she disappeared while walking home between Cundletown and Taree on December 19, 1996.

An inquest held last year heard Ms Cox had suffered several head wounds from a blunt instrument and appeared to have been sexually assaulted. She was last seen near the former Big Oyster on the Pacific Highway, which had not bypassed the town in 1996 and, therefore, would have had thousands of cars passing each day.

A crime scene has never been located, although an area known as Mud Bishops Reserve, near Old Bar, was a possibility after a pair of underpants and other clothing was found. The hearing was told it was unclear where in the river Ms Cox had been dumped before she was found by fishermen.


I find it hard to believe these are coincidental.


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Oct 6, 2001
This spate of murders is quite similar to:


Oct 1981 Frankston VIC 55 Joy Summers Anglo Last seen waiting for a bus. Body found Frankston
29 Nov 1980 Tynong North VIC 34 Narumol Stephenson Anglo Last seen Brunswick
6 Oct 1980 Tynong North VIC 18 Anne-Marie Sargent Anglo Last seen Cranbourne
28 Aug 1980 Tynong North VIC 14 Catherine Headland Anglo Last seen going to catch bus.
10 Aug 1980 Tynong North VIC 73 Bertha Miller Anglo Last seen Glen Iris waiting for a tram
30 May 1980 Frankston VIC 59 Allison Rooke Anglo Last seen waiting for a bus. Body found Frankston

The Police have a strong suspect for Tynong North who was 48 at the time of the Tynong North murders which would make him 63/64 at time of the NSW North Coast murders. As well as that he's married with a family and would hardly be gallivanting around Rural and coastal NSW. We'd have to rule this guy out.

The only other option is the police have the wrong suspect for Tynong North and the killer was in fact much younger and then became active 16 years later. Very very doubtful. Would have to rule that out s a serious theory.

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Oct 6, 2001
A better suspect is:

Leslie Camilleri

The Bega Schoolgirl Murders are consistent:


The Bega schoolgirl murders refers to the abduction, rape and murder of New South Wales schoolgirls, 14-year-old Lauren Margaret Barry and 16-year-old Nichole Emma Collins of Bega, New South Wales on 6 October 1997.[1]

The girls were abducted by Leslie Camilleri and Lindsay Beckett, both from the New South Wales town of Yass, some 60 km from Canberra. The men subjected the girls to repeated rapes and sexual assaults on five or more separate occasions, while driving them to remote locations throughout rural New South Wales and Victoria.[2] Over a twelve-hour period the girls had been driven several hundred kilometres from Bega, New South Wales, to Fiddler's Green Creek in Victoria, where they were stabbed to death by Beckett under the order of Camilleri.

Lee Stace disappeared on 7 September 1997

This is what Camilleri was doing 6 nights later:


On Saturday night, 13 September 1997, the two men found themselves at Garema Place, it is a junkies' hangout in Canberra. There they met a young woman called Rosamari Gandarias. She was nineteen years old but looked several years younger. Camilleri introduced himself as Les and asked her if she would mind doing the speed injection for him and his mate "Kiwi" neither of them really knew how to do injections. Les told Rosamari the drugs were in the car and would she mind coming out to the car to do it, perhaps even go for a drive. She felt that the two men were paranoid about being there with the drugs and she went with them when they drove to Canberra Showground. When she had finished doing the drugs for the men, she asked to be taken back to Garema Place. But the men ignored her request and drove away towards Yass.

As Beckett drove the car, Camilleri climbed into the back of the car with the woman. The ordeal was only beginning. Camilleri looked at the woman and told her "We're going to fu** you now" The young Rosamari replied that she did not want to have sex with him. Then he pulled out a 10-centimetre folding knife, like a pig-hunting knife, and there was no more arguing.

For the next twelve hours Rosamari was held captive by the two men who took turns in orally, vaginally and anally raping the woman. Camilleri who would threaten to tie her up if she did not comply with their demands repeatedly bashed her around the head.

"If you don't do as you're told we'll drag you behind the car"

He said Camilleri forced her to perform oral sex.

"Do it properly don't use your teeth."

Camilleri would tell Lauren the same thing during her ordeal.

Beckett continued to drive the car towards Sydney at each stop the men raped the woman. At a rest area off the Highway near Bowral, Rosamari told her captors that she needed to use the toilet. They unassumingly let her go alone. Rosamari saw her opportunity and fled for her life. She ran into the nearby bushes only wearing a t-shirt and shoes. The branches tore at her body but she continued to run. The men spotted her running and gave chase.

Rosamari hid in a large wombat warren as the men ran past her. Once they were out of sight, Rosamari came out of her hiding spot and ran to a farmhouse where she raised the alarm. According to Beckett Camilleri had planned to kill the woman when they were finished with her. The plan was to drop her off a bridge. The police were called to the farmhouse, but Rosamari did not want to make a statement especially after the two men had arrived at the scene with their own version of events. They claimed that the sex was consensual and was in return for drugs.

She was lucky to escape with her life. With Rosamari not making a formal statement the men escaped any retribution. Had the incident been pursued, Lauren and Nichole may still be alive.


So at this stage it seems unlikely that Camilleri picked up Lee Stace hitch hiking in Yamba (when he lived in Yass outside Canberra) and then 6 days later abducted another girl in Canberra.

But at this stage it is possible. The MO with the Bega girls has similarities. Camiellri does travel. He went to Bega and then drove into Victoria.

I will see if I can ascertain when he was incarcerated because he was in prison when he was first interviewed for the Bega murders.

** Camilleri also murdered Prue Bird in 1992 so he is a serial killer.


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May 21, 2005
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What about qld murders near Towoomba ... Murphys Creek ... backpackers and other NSW and Qld missing backpackers?

Milats are still out there .... There was more than Ivan involved.

Once police get one for these they give up ... see 'family' murders in SA? They nailed Von Einem but there are other suspects still out there or now dead.


Feb 15, 2014
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Yep, seems like there is a serial killer who does his thing up the North Coast & even the Central Coast. You can rule out the Bega guys.


Dec 27, 2016
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More than six women have disappeared along that stretch in northern NSW but here's another two.

When Lucy McDonald’s daughter returned home from work one evening in 2002, she found her mum’s keys and wallet but no sign of Lucy.

It was less than a week before Christmas in 2012 when detectives from Maroubra in Sydney’s east spoke with a prison inmate about a possible murder involving Rose Howell.


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