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Here's how it works.
Get someone to mention a number and then write down the first player that comes to mind.

Here's mine, taking into account, my early years saw me supporting South Freo in the WAFL in the mid to late 1970's, and Carlton in the VFL until Freo came along.

Note: these are not necessarily the best players to wear the number, just a simple number association game, so you can't be wrong, even if the player you pick didn't wear that number, this is what you think:

1 Stephen Silvagni

2 Jarryd Roughead

3 Jimmy Bartel

4 Peter Bosustow

5 Willie Roe

6 Dion Woods

7 Nat Fyfe

8 Shaun McManus

9 Patrick Cripps

10 Wayne Delmenico

11 Joel Corey

12 Mathhew Richardson

13 Scott Chisholm

14 Paul Kelly

15 Winston Abraham

16 David Mundy

17 Maurice Rioli

18 Wayne Carey

19 Jason Dunstall

20 Simon Black

21 Michael Barlow

22 Peter Lauritsen

23 Lance Franklin

24 John Worsfold

25 Stephen Michael

26 Clive Waterhouse

27 Daniel Gilmore

28 Ryan Murphy

29 Mathhew Pavlich

30 Basil Campbell

31 Aaron Sandilands

32 Stephen Hill

33 Jeff Farmer

36 Rene Kink

40 Brad Bootsma

41 Paul Duffield

42 Robert Haddrill

43 Roger Hayden

44 John latten

45 Cameron Ling

46 Tony Lockett

49 Maurice Rioli

Some numbers are missing as they drew blanks for me.

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May 8, 2007
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I'm not sure about 'who' but I associate certain numbers with certain types of players.

1. Solid HBF
2. Ruckman
3. Small mid/rover
4. HFF
5. Big KPD ('lumbering')
7. Small, skillful forward
8. Definitely a forward
9. Gun, smart, but a bit soft - probably a future coach.
10. Solid Back pocket
11. Ruckrover

13. Average HFF - not good enough to be a KPF
14. HBF

16. Ruckman, or very tall.

18. KPP

24. Absolute Gun (22 or 26 - meh).
25. Big bloke (my Richmond bias showing through - the good 25s have all been bigs at Richmond).

27. Goalsneak

31. No one good ever wore 31:p. It's a dud number.
32. Good number - good player.

Once you get to double figures, things get interesting. In the teens, I prefer the even numbers to the odd, and prime numbers are the worst.
In the 20s, I prefer the odds to the evens (except for the prime numbers).

My list, my ideas.
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