Obscure Players That You Remember

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May 20, 2014
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Sean Clingleffer (spelling?)
Played 74 FC games and won Tassie a shield final. His overall batting record wasn't overly flash but he had a couple of good years with the bat and was talked up as a potential future Australian keeper at one stage. Then when Paine came through the Aus U-19s as captain they dropped Clingeleffer like a stone to fast track Paine. He must have had a business or something outside cricket because he played his last game at 27 and never made it back while Tassie played Brady Jones there for a while when Paine was unavailable.

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Dec 21, 2012
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Chelsea, Redbacks, Adelaide United
Simon Kerrigan. English spinner who played one test, the 5th Ashes test at The Oval in 2013.
Was later joined by Scott Borthwick and Mason Crane in the sympathy test club. All of them were as average as each other and as an Australian I got excited everytime they came on to bowl.


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May 2, 2011
silver sands
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Port Adelaide
I may be stretching the thread premise here namely the remember part, but anyone remember Troy Corbett who played for Victoria in the mid 90s? Played 8 list a games and took 18 wickets at 10.94 but was never seen again after that. Played a game for Victoria in shorts apparently. I was reading a book that said he was a chucker. Can anyone confirm?
stress fractures sadly. great bowler.


Sep 29, 2006
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Daryl Smith, he played a handful of games for WA and will likely only be remembered by the 8k, or so of which I was one who were at the WACA in 1981 when he scored 40 odd off 20 balls playing for a full strength WA side, so no mean feat in itself breaking into that side, against Victoria in a McDonald's Cup game.


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Jul 18, 2018
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Port Adelaide
Luke Pomersbach.
Not even one page ago!!

Kenny Benjamin- windies quick in the Ambrose/Walsh/bishop era. Pretty sure the was a Winston Benjamin too
Keith Arthurton

Rashid latif, made famous by being knocked over on the final ball of the day by Warnie after discussion with Healy

Simon cook, from memory took 5 wickets on debut, but got injured in his second test and disappeared from sight.

Luke pommesbach. Played T20 for Australia after happening to be at the ground when hodge hurt his back putting on his pants
Pomersbach had his meltdown, but then came back through Brisbane grde cricket and was a beast for the Heat there a couple of years. Such was his form it would not have been unreasonable to have seen him back in Aus colours again. Played some shield and the ODD series, but not sure where he is now.


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Oct 3, 2010
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West Coast
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The name Clinton Perren popped into my head today, so I searched him on Cricinfo...his ODD stats aren't too bad, would probably get a run in today's Aussie ODI team


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May 16, 2015
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Lee Germon
Craig Spearman
Riccardo Powell
Adrian Griffiths
Cameron Cuffy
Mark Dekker
Edo Brandis
John Crawley
Nick Knight
Paul Adams
Adam Bacher

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Aug 13, 2017
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Western Bulldogs
England seemed to a few players that played just a test or two against Australia in that 1989 ashes series, and then never heard of them again. Peter Such, Kim Barnett, Phil Newport, Neil Foster, Jarvis, Martyn Moxon, Nick Cook. I suppose the English selectors got sick of the hammerings and decided to try virtually anyone to stop the rot. Funnily, no matter how many changes they made, it got worse for them.

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