Discussion [OFF-TOPIC] What are you listening to right now?

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May 25, 2009
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Port Adelaide
Alright so the idea got more then 10 likes in the RCT and Gibbsy's go ahead to give it a trial run for a week.

Please post a link to the track's Youtube vid to make it easy, Thanks

PS Please limit it to three videos per post to cut the loading times of each page :)
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Apr 23, 2012
The Riff
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and one more that I've listened to about 44 times today

top tip: don't ever agree to babysit your two-year-old niece who is in love with that ******* movie.

I know that feeling. My cousin is obsessed with it, so I downloaded one of her dancing photos and made it look like she was making the ice magic and now I never hear the end of it :)

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