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Sep 24, 2007
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Ladies and gentlemen, the time is nigh for those of us so inclined to turn your thoughts to the cruel mistress that is Supercoach and put your hands up for the NM board Supercoach leagues.

Please indicate your interest and post your results from last year and we'll base the leagues on ranking from last year. Hopefully we'll fill at least two leagues.

If you're not sure of your rank from 2018 you can find it on a desktop machine by going to your team and selecting history then head to the top right corner and select Season 2018 from the drop down menu.

Then go to R23 for your total points and rank.

Season 2018 ranking can also be found on the mobile app by navigating to the same area.


Good luck and let's have some fun!
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Jan 26, 2003
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Wow. That’s impressive DaveyBoy123!
I was actually sitting around a 500-700 ranking for most of the season... Took a few risks in the final few rounds to push up (I'm looking at you Treloar & Gaff)… And the rest is history.

The year before (2017), I ranked 1,392 at the end... So I'm nothing if not consistent.

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