Official Bigfooty NBA week 1 thread, (The) - Jordan vs Lebron

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May 6, 2005
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the official Bigfooty week 1 fred. To all returning players, congratulations on making the squad for opening night. Rookies to this board, we hope our weekly threads satisfy all of your dreams and fantasies. We have many posters all here to quench all of your lavish desires.

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Opening night sees traditional rivals Philly 76ers visit Boston. Tickets starting at $107.90. The glamour match of the day/night is in Oakland where the warriors raise the banner at Oracle. The Thunder start their dynasty without Cancer Melo, but also will be without Andre Robertson for the year. Andre is known in Australia as Andre Robinson). Starting at 10.30pm, but Javale McGee will not be present.

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Wow, for the price of $15 you can watch traditional rivals Charlotte and Wakee battle it out. This game is not on cable TV. Jimmy Butler and his mates enter the AT&T Center. Team meeting optional. At Look2Me4Guidance 's talking stick, we get to see Kidd Vicious and Donicic take on number 1 pick Bahamian Ayton and MVP candidate Devin Booker.

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In the off season we saw a shift in power. A side full of young talent ready to explode in 2017 with this addition are ready to take the next step. Already possessing a long limbed, multi faceted, inside-outside SF-PF scorer with unlimited abilities, the team have essentially added star power, a new small forward/power forward. Questions surround the new SF-SF-PF-PF combo, whether they can co-exist. Early indications suggest maybe. But with stars in the wings, watch out for this dynamic duo come April.

* All dates/times USA/Eastern.

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Sep 10, 2007
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peternorth please tune in to events at the Talking Stick Resort Arena as for the first time in NBA history we will have opposing starting centres both named DeAndre.

Hopefully the game doesn’t go too late as Jamal Crawford has bingo at 8am.

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Jul 13, 2012
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Boston by 5 at home.
GS by plenty with no Westbrook

Should be some fun opening night action though.


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Feb 13, 2007
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Kinda annoying already having rotation guys missing, especially Wilson Chandler who seems like he was specifically brought in to help guard Celtics wing guys but oh well. Nice to have NBA back, feels like it's been forever.

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