Official Football Quiz Thread

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Dec 22, 2009
South End, AAMI Park
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Socceroos, LFC, MVFC, RC Strasbourg
Thought I'd start a quiz thread to help those that are in lockdown (and anyone else who wants to join in) pass the time!!

I'll start off with the first question.

Who am I?

- I played professional football in the 90s
- I also played in two other decades
- I played club football in Sweden
- I won 2 European trophies at club level
- I won the FA Cup and League Cup in England
- I scored for City - but not in the 90s
- I won trophies in 3 different decades
- I represented my country in 2 different decades
- I never represented my country at the World Cup
- I did score for my country but I never scored a goal at home for my country

I am??

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