OFFICIAL - Guns N' Roses reunion - Playing Coachella 2016

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They were branding it an 'all-new show', but largely the same format, just a few changes here and there. However, they have been sitting on a new album apparently for a year and a half so there's every chance they could be released by the time they get out here (whether that be November or beyond).

Here's the current setlist for their American tour for reference, with alts thrown in more and more as the tour progresses.

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Yeah very similar playlist to the NITL world tour, except we got got My Michelle and Coma in the main list.
Don't Cry is missing. It used to alternate with Patience.
I understand why they don't change much, most of the tracks are well loved favourites everywhere.

Here's hoping the new album will have some killer tracks to throw into the live mix.

I do like what Pearl Jam do. Their setlists are often up to, and sometimes over 30 songs, with only a few permanent songs (Alive, Even Flow etc), the remaining setlist can have 10 or more different songs from previous gigs.


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That used to be known as Silkworms, and was widely regarded as the worst song written during the CD sessions (the song, in a slightly different arrangement, was performed in 2001 and had leaked from time to time, though has never officially been released until yesterday).

They also have a song called Hard Skool that will be their next new song. Again, this is one for 20+ years ago although has never been performed live nor has it ever fully properly leaked (just various incomplete versions). Hard Skool has been on the set list for the last few shows just before the pandemic and on the shows since but hasn't been played yet, though it has been getting sound checked so shouldn't be too far) - it should be a much better song.
Yeah, they are taking the piss saying it's a new song.

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