Omeara how many weeks?

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Jul 23, 2013
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Do you mean Brodie Holland on Brett Montgomery? Not that it was similar to this nothing incident at all.
I thought he was dead at the time, and right when he was hit you can even see Ryan Lonie getting a fright.:eek: Kicked a goal two minutes later and finished with a bag of four and was probably the most influential player on the day. Amazing effort by him.

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master bate

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Aug 13, 2006
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1. They've decided bumps are responsible for any direct head clash, but surely that isn't extended to a head clashing with someone else. That's a step too far.

2. This wasn't a bump anyway. Consistently this year it's been called a contest (unless it's in the air and it's Plowman).

3. As I said in the Tarryn Thomas thread the AFL's mandated way to attack the contest is absolutely rubbish. It's partly a result of the slide rule and it doesn't make any sense. O'Meara can't physically grab the ball until after contact because he's come in sideways and is reaching out over his legs. He's no chance to pick it up. The AFL have created absolute nonsense that isn't helping anyone. But that also means there's no way O'Meara will be in any trouble.

Guardian Hawk

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Oct 16, 2003
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Didn't get him in the head but he went off with a concussion? Odd 🤔
Yes, it is odd. It was either the sling of his body or who/what he bumped into after that caused the concussion as contact was with his chest.

Edit: just saw the replay. Concussion comes when Hayward clashes heads with Josh Morris as a result of the Omeara bump. Caused Morris to leave the field under the blood rule as well.


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Jun 15, 2008
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Reminded me of Dicky Johnson's bullocking on Willie Woodcock in the 1903 GF - think he got 2 weeks and 9 lashings for that
Lying in bed reading this while silently laughing myself stupid and trying not to shake the bed too much in case the wife wakes and cracks it.:tearsofjoy:

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