On Current Form....Should Cotchin Be Dropped?


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Sep 21, 2013
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4 clearances (3rd best for RFC) and 9 tackles tonight (game high).
Should be a rule against Bay plebs making MB threads.

Drop Cotchin. SMH...
Good now rack off back to the cesspit of the site where you belong.
You're as vacuous as Vesty.

Get the hint. The bay is for the lowest dregs of the forum.
Bay 13 level ****e from the chief nuffie from the flogcast.
Know your place and stay with the morons of the site.
FFS, harden up princess :D

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To an extent.

Cotchin is a midfielder.....he plays in a position where the ball spends the vast majority of its time at.

Doesn't get tagged, doesn't rest in the forward-line.

Why are his numbers so low?
Geelong had 5 players rack up over 29 disposals each, and still lost. Cotchin was third highest for disposals in the Richmond team, we share it around far more, and you also have to acknowledge that our game plan is based on far less possessions compared to other teams..


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Aug 15, 2006
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What I'm presenting in the OP are irrefutable facts.

If you can't give a proper counter argument....then don't participate in the thread.
Here’s a counter argument from our website. Now you have to decide what’s important to a team that thrives and survives on pressure, you also might want to consider where we sit on the ladder and whether his role is detrimental to winning games.

Inspirational Richmond captain Trent Cotchin’s pressure points were off the charts in last Friday night’s victory over Geelong at the MCG.
Cotchin had a total of 101 pressure points – 40 ahead of the next best in the match, Tigers forward Jason Castagna, and 11 more than any other player right across the competition for the round (Brisbane’s Dayne Zorko second best with 89).
That performance further underlined Cotchin’s immense value to the team in his role as a midfielder with such strong defensive attributes.

It’s been a month since Cotchin last had 20 disposals or more in a match, but during the last four games he’s continued to set the tone for the Tigers through his fierce attack on the football and the intense pressure he’s applied to the opposition.
After 20 home-and-away rounds this season, Cotchin is ranked equal No. 1 among the Richmond players (alongside Jack Graham) for tackles, averaging 4.5 per match.
He had an equal game-high nine tackles against the Cats last Friday night to go with his 19 disposals.

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Mar 21, 2010
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Looks like Cotch has been omitted for the Essendon game.

Not to worry....I'm sure he'll find his form again soon.

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Jun 5, 2007
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He isn't injured....just like Nankervis wasn't injured the week before.

If the GF was this week....he'd be playing.
You mean he wouldn’t be dropped? That’s what we’ve been saying all along.
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