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Apr 6, 2008
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What is all ya'lls take on the smoke and mirrors about fighting in heavyweight division?

I personally don't belive Wilder is orchestrating his ducking. Starting with the $50 mil offer ... that AJ had 24 hours to sign and with no contract!! Then there was agreeing to terms on a deal and not signing it in time for AJ to avoid his mandatory. Then there was trying to cherry pick Fury so early in his return (didn't that backfire). Finally, now his team won't respond to AJ's team with a 60-40 split to AJ, guaranteed two-way rematch (no matter how bad the first fight is) and the rematch in the US.

Here we have the heavyweight p4p ranking with AJ nearly double Wilder.


Just for comparison's sake here is the full list of p4p


Anyhow, I think Fury showed that the rivalry between Joshua and Wilder is now a moot point. If he could box that well just one year into his comeback he's going to take everyone out by the end of 2020. AJ should fight Whyte and just let Fury take the belt off Wilder. Then we can see Fury Joshua at Wembley. The poms will be friggen annoying but what a moment for their country with two British men at 29 and 30 fighting for all 4 of the major belts and the Lineal title. Their country will be at a standstill for the event.

I believe in 6 months time Fury wins. However, that won't be the end for AJ. He's always learning. He isn't like Wilder who in his mid 30s is still windmilling away. I gave him more credit for his windmills before the Fury fight because I thought he only ever windmilled AFTER he had an opponent hurt and was rushing to get them out of there. However, that performance against Fury was embarrassing. I don't believe he'll get one knockdown against Fury next time. The first one was more just off balance (and the strike was at the back of the head). The second one was Tyson being careless and wasn't as bad as it looked. Fury wasn't out cold. He had spoken about what to do if he was knocked down prior to the fight with his team. He knew that many people had gotten up to early and the ref would wave it away ... remember ...

AJ has always been big and fairly quick for his size. He has shown he has heart to get up from that Vlad thunderbolt. Wilder has shown these traits too. However, AJ is always improving his actual boxing skills. So there will be an eventual rematch and that will be just as massive.

I really hope Fury stays off the drugs and can keep his mental health. He'll sweep all before him and be a future hall of famer, but don't listen to him putting down AJ now. Here's what he had to say about him 8 years ago:

With Usyk joining the division we're in for a treat over the next 5 or so years. I do believe Fury will be ahead of the pack but Usyk, AJ, Wilder, Whyte and Parker should see some amazing battles.

Also, on a side note. Clearly, the UK is leading the pack in developing heavyweight fighters at the moment. From what I understand this is driven by the amount of funding in the amateur ranks from the government to improve Olympic results. If boxing is taken out of the Olympics it could really affect the amount of boxing coming out of the UK. Hope they keep it in.

What are your thoughts on the heavyweight division? What match ups are you looking forward to? Which fights do you seeing being made and what are your predicted outcomes over the next few year?


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Jan 3, 2012
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Good post.
I agree, massive fan of Fury.

If he can stay on the straight and narrow he will go down as one of the greats. I don’t think AJ has enough weapons to match him.

And if he fights Wilder again I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he knocked Wilder out. Wilder does have that very slim chance of clipping Fury and knocking him out but apart from that it will be a very one sided fight (like the first robbery)

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