One year too many.

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Aug 22, 2012
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North Melbourne
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West Ham United
On the contrary, some plaudits for career revivals and survivals this year:

Tex Walker - obvious, 2nd in the Coleman, great field kicking and pressure too

Grant Birchall - not just up in Brisbane sitting back, he's well and truly earning his cheque

Cale Hooker - his 2nd best goalkicking year ever already, on track to be his best ever, =5th in the Coleman and helping Wright and Jones out massively

Jesse Hogan - why I thought to post it. Still a lot of water under the bridge but he's back playing and both his games have been good

Tom McDonald - not a retire option, but gone from trade table at the end of 2020 to key player in the top side

Tom Hickey - AA ruck case for him
Probably chuck in Aaron Hall off HB after being very average for years.


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Aug 1, 2005
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Not necessarily one year too many, but wtf has happened to Johannisen? He looks like he is 38 years old
His last 2 games have been good, last night especially. Turned the after burners on quite often, massive chase down tackle through the middle. Has shown he can kick a goal or 2 as well. Definitely still in the 22.

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Jun 27, 2011
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Michael Walters although not completely done is a shadow of what he was.
Don't think it is too long yet. But he surely is down on his best.

Really difficult to judge at times. Mundy 2016 or Taylor Walker in 2020. Nobody would have been surprised about a retirement after those season. Still...


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Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
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He did his job and is trusted by Scarlett, that’s good enough for me.

More useful than bloody Clark.
He was dropped after his last full game. Clearly Scarlett thought his performance wasn’t good enough.

if Zac Guthrie created goals from smothers like Clark did you would be singing his praises through the roof.

Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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Why be so childish?

someone posted Zac Guthrie and you had to come in and defend Zac guthrie because well that’s just what you do. That’s not the point of this thread.

i came in to post burgoyne. And yet I see a Geelong board sh**fight.
Then post Burgoyne and move on, self moderate yourself and leave me the fu** alone.

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