List Mgmt. OOC 2021, who is playing for their careers 2021 edition?

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Jason mp

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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My thoughts at this stage:

Grant Birchall - retire
Lincoln McCarthy - extend for a couple but on better money. With his injury history you would think more than that is too much.
Jarryd Lyons - extend for a couple.
Tom Fullarton - extend for a couple on minimum
Connor McFadyen - wait and see. Maybe rookie him if he is looking okay but I think he is likely gone.
Rhys Mathieson - don't mind keeping him as a team man who can play when needed and provides a mature body in the reserves.
Archie Smith - if they can get someone with more upside grab them and delist Archie otherwise another year on the rookie list.
Connor Ballenden - if he keeps playing as he has someone will be interested. I would certainly extend him if we can
Thomas Joyce - likely gone unless he really improves.
James Madden - extend for a year or two
Mitch Robinson - one year deal if he wants to keep going.
Brock Smith - needs to show more.
Keidean Coleman - extend for three
Carter Michael - sign for another year on the rookie list.
Linc's "injury history" shouldn't factor into any contract length decisions IMO, it's ancient history in footy terms, has played 48 out of a possible 50 games since coming to us.

Agree with the rest of your summation.


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Dec 6, 2009
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Kind of my point. Doubt we’d have to offer him much to pry him from a club willing to give him away for free
But it’s the other way around, we offered him the coin, he then approached the Suns list management team.

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Sep 14, 2006
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