Review Open thread - Grand Final Review

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Iva Bigun

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Oct 24, 2008
lane Cove Sydney
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Gold Coast
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In defense of the 85000, I'm pretty sure they all didn't see it. Also, did you react?

If what you said is true then those tiger supporters should feel ******* ashamed.
The poor guy it happened was red faced but didnt react as how could he fight a mob of dh’s, I however did later call the guy a disgrace to his club and his city, he turned his attention to me for a few minutes then someone else gave him a mouthful and that was the last I saw of him


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 8, 2012
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No point carrying on too much about any of that. Most here had positive reactions from the Tigers fans - my family did: we stayed for most of the post-match to soak up the atmosphere and of course got swamped by Tigers fans surging forward but didn't get anything untoward said at all. And on the walk back and dinner at most it was a minor crack but quite a few 'well done' or 'you'll be back' sentiments. I'd say every club has a few who'll always react s**ttily in either victory or defeat.

BTW, same for Pies and Brisbane fans the last two weeks. Pies fans last week were mostly chatty and complimentary apart froma few drunk 20-something lads (i.e. the profile you'd expect to misbehave).
Yeah my experience was good with the tiger army too.

Even went down to the tiger army end as they were going around with the cup and they were loving it.

I got nothing but pats on the back.

Man the noise was out of control :)

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Mar 12, 2019
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I wanted to see GWS win. 20 Minutes into the first Qtr I flipped the TV off and forecast a big Tigers win. Was not prepared to watch a side chip the ball 10-20 metres sideways and not take the game on. Mummy was doing well in the ruck but either Richmond completely boxed GWS in or they were not prepared to go forward. If the coaches are moving the game in this direction sad. Leon Cameron had a big year but the tactics in the first Qtr was always going to end badly. Richmond dominated the back half of the season but GWS's strategy was suicide and so it proved.

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The wily weagle

Club Legend
Oct 16, 2014
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West Coast
We all know how good Phil Davis is fully fit: very, very good

But he wasn't fully fit, and he shouldn't have played

He wasn't the sole reason for the loss, not at all, but as captain he should have know better. And putting his hand up to play was just plain and utter selfish. Particularly after Coniglio put his hand up and said he wasn't right

Captains, more so then anyone, are judged on their decisions in big games. And his decision to name himself fit wasn't in the best interests of the team, it was in the best interest of himself. That's something he will have to live with now.

Cold Sober

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 28, 2016
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Don't under estimate the season achievement, this GF will be the turning point for future success.
All the criticism directed at Davis is bullshit, it should be looked at as a captain prepared to put his body on the line for his team. If his name was Fyfe, Danger, Martin or Cotchin, Bruce and his media mates would be extolling his efforts.
Good luck next season.


Senior List
Jun 13, 2013
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Please don't get me wrong I love Phil Davis but the spectacle of seeing Phil Davis running lame during a "fitness test" 90 mins before a grand final was stunning.Firstly It shouldn't have been conducted so openly & publicly. As soon I saw that I felt crook in the guts..The Tiger strategists would have been rubbing their hands and factually Riewoldt cashed in big league with 3 goals to the first half then 5 for the match. Obviously it wasn't the main reason why the Giants lost, but how it was handled was amateurish to say the least. Giants trainers clutching at laptop tops...skins on then off...this should have been conducted in the rooms..or at a location well away from the media and prying opposition eyes early on Saturday sent the wrong messages and set an unsettling tone to an already pressure cooker situation.....I thought maybe it was a rope-a-dope play..who knows? mind games happen in footy..This should have been sorted days before..Cogs stood up and said no way am I playing earlier in the week....that must have taken so much courage...and yes i acknowledge the dilemma Phil would have faced in those 90 mins prior to the bounce...But this is the grand final and it isnt a place for unfit players...the gamble cost 5 goals...who knows how Lachie Keefe would have least he was fit..he had height and had done his job the week prior..I also thought Bobby Hill should have played his 3 goal debut against Richmond several weeks ago was a good enough reason.....for the Giants to take the next step they have to be brutally honest when they do their review of this game..again this isnt a put down of Davis...if you dont pay attention to the detail then it comes back to bite's what was on display....maybe it's time for Cogs to become outright captain...I thought a change in leadership was needed after the semi final last year...but as a club they cannot accept or sugar coat what happened yesterday..3 goals in a grand final was stuff from the 1900's.....many of the boys were nervous and needed to chill...and I thought they still had a chance to settle at half time..but it got worse...Of course it was massive exposure for the club and to make a grand final is a big deal especially in the short history of the club..but i dont buy the lack of experience shtick..they had it in 2016, the 2017 prelim and last year's 2018 semi loss to the Pies at the 'G...There is the classic example of Kevin Sheedy in 1983 after Hawthorn smashed Essendon by 83 points in the GF..At the club function that night, Sheedy was blunt in his infamous address that night....there was nothing to be happy about wasnt enough to make the GF..he said anyone smiling that night would be sacked..which he did..Sheeds was brutal that night...he made that group never forget the humiliation..and the Bombers won the next two flags (1984-85)..Obviously you can't talk or act like that towards players today...coaching and methodologies are different...Adelaide went way too far in their infamous & bizarre 2018 pre-season camp after the 2017 GF loss...I really dug how the Giants learnt from last year's semi loss & the previous years... the Lions & Pies wins were the boys have the ability to learn from those bitter defeats....what the Giants need to do as a club is focus on the solutions in getting better not the problem of losing by 89 points yesterday whats done is done 2020 is the next step.....Finally my experience of the Richmond fans on Saturday night was sickening....sure have a few drinks to celebrate..but to burn Giants merchandise & Toby Greene signs on top of store front roofs lacked class..Swans st was feral and I feared for my safety coming home on the train at Richmond....Ive never heard such was really ugly..I was there in 2014 when the Hawks did a number on the Swans and they were nowhere near as bad as what I heard and witnessed on Saturday night in Richmond..It was an embarrassment..there is a class to winning as well....It really stuck in my gut as to what they were saying about the Giants......oh well as they say always next year...

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