Oppo Phones?

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Lynch takes a mark

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I have the (what I consider a unicord model for the price, $230 I think) Oppo A52 that has been faultless since getting it.

I can't comment on the camera (I don't use social media), I only use it for covid check ins and scanning barcodes for my fitness pal (attached a picture of a beer anyway)


6.5" screen (1080x2400)
5000mAh battery that charges in under an hour with USB-C and lasts for days.
And here are the big ones that makes me ngaf about more expensive phones
NFC (never going back to using bank cards)
Dual sim and micro SD card slot and fingerprint scanner in the power button.

I picked up a RealMe C3 (I think Oppo is a parent company?) which is almost identical except for an unnoticeable decrease in resolution, lower quality camera (but again, haven't tested) and moving the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone - on special for $99 at optus.

I looked at the Apples with similar size screen and only the Max (6.7" screen but has the big notch) was the same size, good luck convincing me to pay the $1600 difference.

Oppo/Realme every time from now on.

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