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Nov 18, 2014
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What about the kid yelling over the fence to an oppo player kicking for goal on the boundary line ? " Miss it stink ! Miss it !" Does he/she get thrown out ?

This is just insane. Have these aholes ever been to an EPL game ? An MLB or NBA game ? Yesterday in game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals 30,000 people started chanting "bs" over a refs call. Would the AFL have all 30,000 ejected in the same circumstances in an AFL game now ?

What about commentators who are highly critical of player performances ? Do they come under scrutiny now ? What about the newspapers every time they put up a derogatory headline about a player like they always do ?

Where does all this nanny state, politically correct minutiae and bs end ? I'll give football away if this keeps up.

McLachlan and Hocking are the two worst administrators the game has ever seen.

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