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Jan 3, 2012
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If Mick Warner’s reporting in the HS today is correct, both McLachlan and Goyder have to stand down pending a full investigation into their conduct.

This is why the AFL is so cooked at the moment. Gets treated like a play thing by w***ers like that.
What he say?


Sep 7, 2003
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Just heard the Whateley commentary,”Martin bundles an opposition player over then kicks a goal……….”

LOL,the Port player slips over.

I’m done with biassed flogs who dismiss the ones Richmond should have got then put up the highbeams on all the 50 50s we won last which is rare as hen’s teeth for us.

Amazing how sourpuss the media get when we win and finally have the umps give us something.

Having said that there were still a load of htb decisions missed,should have had a shot on goal in the 2nd but the free was ignored then Port went up the other end for a goal.

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May 6, 2005
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And look at oppo fans asking why we got 21k to the game last night.
Floggos, totally different. melbum are the reigning flag bearers. their "fans" havent seen an live success. they should be flocking to the games.

We on the other hand have the right to pick and choose when we attend.

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Oct 29, 2020
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Watching last night and looking at the ladder & us sitting at 7-5 despite us playing, i think, pretty poor footy all year long - are we currently looking at the worst season of AFL in history ? I honestly can't remember a time when there were so many teams disinterested in winning, making finals - or in the top 8 & in contention, despite looking pretty average overall.

A quick breakdown & report of each team shows the story really..

Eagles - F, bordering on crisis, clearly tanking now
North - F, bordering on crisis.
Essendon - F, bordering on crisis.
GWS - D. Coach quit, several stars have left over past 5 years, bordering on crisis, will be tanking the final 2 months
Adelaide - C-. In their 3rd year of a "Hard Rebuild". Trying to win, but on their own "rebuilding" terms & aiming for top 5 pick. Not seriously trying to make 8
Hawthorn - C. In 3rd year of a "Mid-Hard Rebuild". Trying to win, but on their own "rebuilding" terms & aiming for top 5 pick. Not seriously trying to make 8
Port - D. Bordering on crisis. End of a competitive era, at crossroads for 8 or accepting a mini "hard" rebuild. Trying to compete, but not good enough
Suns - C+. Low bar of expectation & barely meeting that. Competing for 8 but not really threatening. If fail, coach will be moved, crisis talks etc
Dogs - D. Underachieving miserably. Should be top 4 but poor form and team atmosphere sabotaging year. Huge disappointment.
Pies - C+. Came into season in a "Hard Rebuild", but overachieving due to new coach, good team chemistry of youth. Not seriously competing for Top 8 tho
Tiger - C. Trying hard to compete, but performance is inconsistent. Cannot play 4 qtrs. Look old at times. Winning record flattered as played more bottom teams than top so far. Miles off their peak form of 2020 and before.
Carlton - B+. Competiting again after long layoff, but still not able to win consistently against weaker teams like Pies & Suns. Had no meaningful success for near 2 decades & look like a team that doesn't know how to be top 4 yet.
Swans - B. Average start but finding form. Should realistically be top 4 this year based on previous season, age etc - but have been inconsistent.
Geelong - B. Competing again without really looking a threat. Old team but very reliable style & able to play 4 qtrs. Do i think they can win it all tho? Nope
Fremantle - A. The bolter from nowhere. Overachieving catching teams on the back foot. No real base of success to think they can do much in finals tho
Lions - B+ - Should be the natural contender & by default are. But do i look at this team that has failed 3 years running now & think they have grown as a group & solved their deficiencies ? Not really, still look questionable. Still have holes. Look 2nd because of a lack of quality more than improvement
Dee's - A-. Clearly were the best team up until 2 weeks ago, but slight wobbles & seeing the internal stress come out within the group that comes along with higher expectations etc. It's hard being at the top and controlling the ego's etc, as we found out. Still the clear favourite, but showing signs of self destruction for the 1st time

So the final Breakdown?

"F" teams - 3 + "D" teams - 3 ..... a collection of stinkers & rebuilder
"C" teams - 5 teams a mix of under & over achievers
"B" teams - 4 teams - we have 1 bolter, 1 consistent performer but not genuine threat + 2 teams that should be competing for flag & technically are, but actually have not shown much sign of improvement to be there - more so have held firm in a falling market..
"A" teams - 2 teams, one is a "bolter" who appears to be overachieving based on their expected improvement & has zero history of doing it in finals. The other is the front runner who is showing the wobbles

Based on last night, i find it near impossible to see us as a competitor for the flag. We were shithouse. Yet, as per above, the field is a total headcase this year. I honestly think our form this year is behind that of 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 - yet, if we can actually sort our s**t out somewhat we might still be able to "do a bradbury". But our form honestly, does not deserve to have us anywhere near the conversation. I would go as far to say that the quality of football, investment of the teams + poor umpiring, media coverage etc is a combined reason we have seen attendance and viewers drop off dramatically.

Very odd season of footy to be honest
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