Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

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Nov 12, 2002
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You could make the argument that he wouldn’t even be a football player without the Tigers appointing chocko just to babysit him for the first few years because he was out of control, I would argue no other team would had done that for a rebellious youth and would had been delisted or exposed badly by the media when he stuffed up.

they really went well beyond the norm in protecting him when he first got there, and they also give him so much license in how he plays in regard to his zero defensive side to his game which I doubt would be allowed to happen with any other team.
Every other team would do - and does - exactly the same thing. For every highly talented player they have who is undisciplined early on. There are multiple examples at every club. And that's the just what we know about, I'm sure there's much more that's kept quiet.


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Oct 9, 2010
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Over on the Demons board they have a thread calling us the handbaggers.

Ill cop that off most teams but not off the most pathetic team of the last 50 + years.
not their finest effort... but its their board.

It is also their review thread... so its a little premature. Perhaps akin to what they do when they get up and about in Finals and then disappear... but thats ok

GO Catters

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Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
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re the Suspension........I do think it deserves further inspection. Especially given the outcome and the current focus on concussions.

Christian actually illustrates why in his appraisal.

"Player Duncan, who is positioned in front of Hall, runs quickly towards him and leaps in the air in an attempt to touch or smother the ball. While in the air, Duncan turns his body and his momentum carries him into Hall making high contact with his back."

So....Duncan runs quickly towards Hall, leaps in the air, and while in the air turns his body and his momentum smacks him into Hall.

So......we accept that Duncan wasn't just standing still; he charges towards Hall and provides momentum......it's not just Hall running into Duncan. That's a contribution to the force/severity of the impact.

Duncan turns his body while i the air. Okay............why did he do that? Bracing for impact that he has ensured will happen. He's protected himself as best he can........but put himself recklessly into a very bad position and in doing so cleaned up the kicker.

So it's a pretty straight forward scenario. Duncan is responsible for his actions. He's recklessly jumped into the player - - late - - late enough that the controlling umpire has already taken his vision off the kicker and missed the most blatant free kick (and what was the out of area umpire looking at?!?!?! Harris, Howorth and Findlay......should get docked cash for such a mistake.).

So - - - Careless; high impact; high contact. 3 weeks down to 2 with early plea and if they want to appeal it goes to the tribunal and then they can do a proper test on this scenario.


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Sep 12, 2020
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From the Roo board:

I chucked this in as a response:

What I got back :tearsofjoy:
In all seriousness, Roos fans have NOTHING to look forward to the next 3 to 4 years minimum. They'll already be looking at the potential #1 draft picks... and their list is so thin that whoever gets picked is probably going to end up in the deep end Jack Watts-style. Meanwhile, they have the "pleasure" of turning up (or not turning up, as it turns out) knowing that the game is a fore-gone conclusion and that a 5-goal loss is as good as it gets.

As crappy as we've been in the past, it's been a loooooooong time since we've been remotely close to that level (maybe 2003... and that had a few highlights, including the Benny Graham bomb to sink Port). So I kinda get it - if your team's in that boat but accidentally does something to hurt another team's chances, you're going to clutch onto it. And I feel sorry for them.

(As for the Blues, let them wallow for another 20 years...)

Strange Cat

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Sep 26, 2017
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It was reassuring to find one Richmond poster who challenged his fellow posters on whether they were celebrating an opposition player being injured. The answer was obviously yes, so the question should be, why.

What comes around goes around
Just need to look back at how tigers supporters were complaining about the opposition supporters trolling and celebrating Rance injury to see their hypocrisy

They are just mind boggling stupid

Maybe I should bump the main board Rance thread and tag a few tigers supporters to see their backpeddling

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Nov 30, 2000
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One guess.

So in the Cats last 6 matches, opposition players KO’d by “accident” count has just had another addition:

2020 GF Vlastuin elbowed to the face by Dangerfield at top speed in a “football incident.” “Unavoidable.”

2021 Rd 1 Kelly gets his face absolutely smashed by Dangerfield’s forehead. Dangerfield gets weeks after saying in the media words to the effect the player going the man needs to protect himself….Dangerfield gets 3

2021 Rd 2 Neale not seriously injured but collected by a forceful swinging arm from behind by Rohan for which the latter got 2…Chris Scott said he was "totally comfortable" with what Rohan did. Right...

2021 Rd 3 In what looks like a radical anomaly, no Hawks players knocked out accidentally.

2021 Rd 4 Stray Hawkins elbow just happens to collect May and fracture his eye socket whislt May is tackling Hawkins. “Accident.”

2021 Rd 5 Duncan “accidentally” KO’s Hall whilst in the act of trying to smother a Hall kick. Hall off for the match with concussion.

The pattern doesn’t appear to be getting any weaker.

Edit: Just been through the last 46 AFL matches including the 2020 GF and all 2021 matches.

I counted 14 fresh concussions or severe head or facial injuries that caused players to miss matches.

The Cats have played 6 of those matches and their players’ “accidental” actions accounted for 4 of those injuries. Plus you had Rohan getting his two weeks for hooking Neale to the head off the ball from behind.

The other 17 teams combined were responsible for 10 such injuries in that time at the most. I say at the most as some injuries can be caused by friendly fire. So for the rest of the competition, individual teams have played 86 matches combined for 10 concussions/severe facial injuries caused. An average AFL rate apart from Geelong of one per 8.6 matches.

Geelong players are causing concussions/severe facial injuries over that period at the rate of one per 1.66 matches.

Geelong are a massive outlier here. So let’s see if the trend continues further.


Protecting the Dropzone
May 16, 2012
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You guys did have a number of key players out, just as my Pies have now too, makes it hard. Geelong r damn near unbeatable down at that little shithole of a ground, they know every blade of grass, their fans are fanatical, probably biggest home ground advantage in the League, actually. Least a 6 goal better team down there. They never lose there.
^^^^ a Pies supporter

Positives: 0.

We are an 11 goal worse side than North Melbourne in Geelong. Let that sink in.

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