Order the Round 1 games as to how they interest you

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1. Geelong Vs Collingwood - will the Cats continue their winning streak?

2. Melbourne Vs Western Bulldogs - GF rematch of 2021. Who gets the upper hand first?

3. Port Adelaide Vs Brisbane - can Port knock off a contender at home?

4. Gold Coast Vs Sydney - What will the Suns be like this year and how do the Swans respond from the GF embarrassment?

5. Richmond Vs Carlton - Will the new additions from GWS give the Tigers their spark back?

6. St Kilda Vs Fremantle - Can Fremantle get an away win early?

7. North Melbourne Vs West Coast - Will West Coast shows signs they really shouldn't have been that bad in 2022?

8. GWS Vs Adelaide - who will have the longest year and which team will show something straight up? Not a lot to be enthused about here.
1. Geelong Vs Collingwood - Geelong are too old........but are they? the pies are fast, modern and exciting......but will that be enough over a well disciplined, strong bodied, experienced cats?
2. Melbourne Vs Western Bulldogs - Should be two of the most exciting sides in 2023 with a little to prove after 2022
3. Richmond Vs Carlton - The blues should be top 4 in 2023 and the tigers not far behind. Should be a ripper.
4. Gold Coast Vs Sydney - The Suns to make the 8 in 2023 and the Swans are always performers.

The top 4 could be in any order

My two sides Port and Freo make up the middle
5. Port Adelaide Vs Brisbane - The lions are the better side but port at home and I can't wait to see how port deal with having midget FB options, a dinosaur ruck and a makeshift KPF......or does port go bold with youth?
6. St Kilda Vs Fremantle - This would be a top 4 round with King fit and firing but just middle ground.........unless the saints surprise me

The rest
8. GWS Vs Adelaide - I like both of these sides but not expecting anything great from either as yet. Seeing youth emerge is the attraction here.
7. Essendon v Hawks - Both of these sides will hope to perform better this year than last.
9. North Melbourne Vs West Coast - Two bottom sides from last year. I actually enjoy watching rebuilds and both of these sides could start to show green shoots in 2023. but those green shoots may take a little longer than round 1 to see.

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