Opinion Other then your team who has the best song?

Who has the best team song?

  • Adelaide

  • Brisbane

  • Carlton

  • Collingwood

  • Essendon

  • Fremantle

  • Geelong

  • Gold Coast Suns

  • GWS Giants

  • Hawthorn

  • Melbourne

  • North Melbourne

  • Port Adelaide

  • Richmond

  • St Kilda

  • Sydney

  • West Coast

  • Bulldogs

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Only good songs in the AFL are Brisbane, GWS, Melbourne, North, Richmond, St Kilda and Sydney. The rest are varying degrees of average to dogshit

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Our song is horrible and it is probably not a coincidence that we have been trash since it was changed.

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No, it's a great club song hence the votes. Fair enough if you don't like it though.
There a big, big sound from the west of the town, it's the sound of people complaining about others personal taste...
Fair enough cheers, was just surprised as that song is a joke amongst my circle of footy mates. Everyone pisses themselves laughing at the big big sound line when it comes on.
1. GWS
2. Western Bulldogs (Mens, their womens iteration trying to put "Daughters" into the space of a one syllable word drives me up the wall)
3. Richmond
4. Fremantle (The chorus is sh*t. But their verses' are so good it makes up for it and gets them into the top 4. If the whole song was of that quality, I'd have it #1)
Everything else except
18. West Coast