Opinion Our best defender in Modern era

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Premiership Player
Apr 5, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I might be wrong but I think Drew could have been an excellent key defender also.

Whenever moved back due to necessity seemed very comfortable.
I think against Collingwood in '08 he had that standout dominant game intercepting a lot of Collingwood's entries. He was everywhere and the Pies had no answer to his dominance. He took something like 11 marks. Laidley continued to take advantage of Petrie's marking power.

It was one of the strats Brad took from Laidley's book as well when the game was in the balance. Most notably against *Essendon in 2015 (1st match). Petrie down back in the last quarter to hold on. But, his 2011 season was just about the best season. Even when the delivery wasn't as good, he was finding ways to influence the match.

I don't necessarily think he would've been a good key defender since his leg speed wasn't all that great. (It makes it hard to keep up and spoil)

But as a floating intercepting all-rounder, he was very good. Strong hands, reliable kick, and very rarely panicked.

Still think he was thrown around too much and would've liked him forward more often. Even though we were undersized down back, that had to be addressed instead of relying on Petrie to mop up the mess.

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Jul 24, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
That’ll do me. Dench was unbelievable and exactly the type of player who’d help fast track our revival if he was drafted this year.

Glendinning was so dominant at CHB.

Arch/Mighty Mick hard to split.
Said upthread it's hard to go past those.

Taz plays three more years at this level and jags a flag and he'll be asking questions about a spot too.


Team Captain
Apr 30, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
thompson was a very underrated player when he was playing and probably even more so now. his best was unbelievably dominant. it was his intercept ability. hes my pick and its not very close. i rate him a fair way ahead of tarrant.

i envy some of you who saw the older greats.

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