Our forward line in 2022

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Mar 31, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
I agree.

Speaking of Treloar, I watched the first half of the Semi Final last night in its entirety. Apart from watching the match live, I'd only seen the highlights until last night.

It has been well documented that Treloar didn't have the greatest Semi Final. The media had a field day with their criticism of his match. Bevo obviously stuck up for Treloar when he bounced back in a big way in the PF...

However, I noticed on three separate occasions in the first half where he was in miles of space. His teammates (Macrae and Dale to name a couple) kicked to Treloar but missed their targets. Treloar would have been in goal scoring range on two of those occasions.

Had those kicks hit their target, it would have made a huge difference to Treloar's confidence. Had Dale hit Treloar in the first quarter, he would have gone back for a set shot. It would have got his confidence up. As it was, he didn't touch it until the second quarter.

Treloars grand final was a bit underrated IMO. Going into the game I was thinking if Treloar and Bont got going we'd be hard to stop. Turns out the Dees possessed a god mode switch.

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