Our History of Blowing Opportunities to recruit Champions.

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All Australian
May 3, 2021
AFL Club
I was watching an Open Mike episode which featured Kevin Bartlett. He spoke about his desire to leave Richmond and play with Collingwood under Tommy Hafey. He explained that he was very keen to join Collingwood and Ronnie Richards was very enthusiastic and the only reason it didn't happen was because Hafey thought it would ruin his legacy as a one club player and basically refused to recruit him. Bartlett kicked seven goals against us on grand final day in 1980. Surely Hafey's obligation was to the club he was coaching rather than how history would view his mate being a two club player.

I know we had Lockett over the line when the committee men argued over it and I believe Wayne Richardson cast the deciding no vote even though Lockett believed he had already committed to the club. Bernie Quinlan is another who slipped through our fingers. Stevie Johnson was set to play but got knocked back my our medicos and he too made us pay in the 2011 grand final. Jonathon Brown and Nick Reiwoldt were two others who went close.

As Sheehan said-had we got Quinlan we would have won at least two flags.

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