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Sep 17, 2006
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North Melbourne
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Leeds United
agree the forward line is fine. have some great match winning options.

Agree the back line is horrid. Could Comben become a CHB? we rate him highly. I'm not sold on Walker at all, is too slow. You don't get moved onto your third club for no reason. We bought him in as a backup and now he looks like playing every game.

Our midfield isn't much better than our back line unfortunately. Cunners, Higgins (33) Simpkin. From there it falls off a cliff. Hall, Anderson, Dumont- no thanks.

have asked for a scratch match update
In fairness to Walker, he wasn't picked up by Brisbane as a defender. He was recruited as a forward.

He's only really been surplus as a defender at one club and that's the club with the best FB in the league.

Reading the Brisbane board, they would actually prefer that he stayed.


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Jun 7, 2019
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North Melbourne
You make a fair point Ben. It ain’t as bad as what it seems. Just like when we beat the GWS. It wasn’t as good as what it seems. The last three weeks have certainly highlighted our weaknesses. We are simply not utilising our strengths at the minute. :stern look
Agree with this; the way people swing from euphoria to suicidal would make bi-polar seem an understatement. By my reckoning, we had four top 22 players unavailable against the Dogs (Larkey, Ziebell, Turner and LDU - and not counting Daw, or even EVW and Jacobs), and another who played but shouldn't have (Cunners), because an inexperienced coach got desperate.

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