Strategy Our Next Senior Coach: 2019 & Beyond... is Matthew Nicks

Our next senior coach...

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 28, 2014
AFL Club
There is no way we’d get Voss

Crows supporters couldn’t stomach a Port assistant (Walsh was different)

Besides he’s done nothing to inspire anyone


Suffering from BS Awareness
Oct 28, 2014
AFL Club
Teague, shaw, Ratten all senior assistants to caretakers to the main job

The cupboard is empty, there’s nothing out there. Brad Scott is working at AFL House. And Ross Lyon (whom I’d love) is risky

There are no stocks, cupboard is bare which is why clubs aren’t even trying anymore. Just take the caretaker and move on

Pyke will stay, Fagan will go, Burton will go, Campo and Hart will go

David Noble will come back as our new CEO, as we decide we need a footy man in charge. E-sports and baseball will quietly be sidelined

A longmuir/Sumich type will be our new senior assistant.

Roo steps down from the board.

We go headhunting for a new head of football - money is no object. Reckon it will be someone mature and experienced.

That’s my predictions
Too much sense and logic in all this. This is the AFC we’re talking about.

Now that Pyke has walked I except the opposite of everything in your post to happen.

Good times.

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The Karma Bus

Select Difficulty
Nov 11, 2007
The new sound..
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Kochie's 2nd fave team
Why, sadly? Ben has a good reputation. Not his fault he played for Adelaide. If he is the best person for the job, then so be it.
I think they mean sadly because Essendon will then lose Rutten. Very highly rated at Richmond and now Essendon.

Without thinking about all available, off the top of my head I'd say Rutten or Sam Mitchell.

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Mego Red

The Artist Formerly Known As Kristof
Oct 3, 2003
The East Coast
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Soft spot for Brisbane
Brad Scott?? Why?
He did nothing in 10 years at the Kangas.
I'd rather take a punt on Voss than anyone on that list above. 2nd times a charm.
Voss gave no evidence he could coach.

I always thought that Brad Scott overachieved at a broke club. They were always tough to beat and had great culture.

Crow till I die

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 6, 2017
AFL Club
Well if the outside perception of our club right now is that it is toxic - it may not be a case of who we WANT as a head coach, but who is actually prepared to come in and work under Burton, Campo etc. We might end up for some real disappointment on this front

Johnny Rutten

Anarchy for the AFC, it's coming sometime...
Apr 25, 2008
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Most recent senior coaches, no longer senior-coaching...

Brad Scott - 2019
Ross Lyon - 2019
Alan Richardson - 2019
Brendon Bolton - 2019
Rodney Eade - 2017
Paul Roos - 2016
Justin Leppitsch - 2016
James Hird, LOL - 2015
Michael Malthouse, LOL - 2015
Mark Thompson, LOL - 2014
Brenton Sanderson, LOL - 2014
Brendan McCartney - 2014
Guy McKenna - 2014
Kevin Sheedy - 2013
Michael Voss - 2013
Scott Watters - 2013
Mark Neeld - 2013

No, to all of them.

Has to be a first-time coach, folks.
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