Rumour Outgoing President set for job at AFL House

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Aug 25, 2019
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West Coast
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Perth Demons, Coorow Magpies
So basically, good decision = not him, bad decision = him?
He’s paid (millions) to make decisions. That’s his job. I’d like to think he makes good decisions, but judging on the savage cuts to football departments, lists & budgets, I suspect he just makes them up as he goes. We’ll never really know because he refuses to answer non scripted questions. He prefers the less transparent path of choosing the questions before the interviews.
The 12 man executive team took home over 10.5 million in 2018 & 19.
The AFL spent $450 mil in 2017 on football departments, mortgaged Marvel stadium in 2020 & spent 60mil on buffets/accommodation etc in Queensland in 2020.
One thing is certain, he likes being paid, doing deals (500 mil fm Vic Gov for 2057 lease) & spending money. Ohh... and he doesn’t mind coming to WA when he’s short on cash.
He’s also allergic to Optus stadium & Tasmania.
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