Game Day PAFC v West Coast, Metricon Stadium

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May 20, 2019
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Port Adelaide
The chemistry between our players has just been brilliant. It just looks like they love playing with each other.
This is spot on. It is a key feature of the Hinkley era at Port that doesn't get enough credit imho. Reminds me a lot of how the squad was under Williams.

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Nov 16, 2004
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Port Adelaide
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The Mighty Blacks
It was great to see Chad Cornes and Brad Ebert embrace after the game today. Cornes was part of the trade deal that secured Ebert for Port back in 2011.

That deal saw Cornes and Brogan go to GWS and Port give the Eagles draft picks No.28 and No.49. Has proved to be a great deal for us.
The full GWS deal was trade Chad + Broges + 69 for 49. So it effectively was 28 + 69 + 2 players who were going to be cut anyway.

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