Painting miniatures, terrain and scenery.

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Make sure you show us your results
I will.

I should point out I've been a total cheat and have a pretty handy collection of the pre-painted D&D minis which I collected for the simple reason I thought they looked cool (and I'm a classic D&D player starting back from 1984). I do have a pretty good collection of the AD&D toys from the 1980s as well.


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Jun 13, 2007
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I'm by no means an expert, but for someone starting out I feel like a wet palette isn't a necessity. Just be judicious with the amount of paint you put on a palette and give a little forethought to what colour scheme you'll be going for. Also, paints that come in dropper bottles are really handy. Very useful when mixing paints.
Very true but the one thing it helps is when the paints are smooth.... You'll do a terrible job and think it's you, when it's just the consistency of the paint.

Oh year, Pro tip, shake the living bejusus out of ANY paint before using. Including washes

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