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Fun little comp for the big one on Saturday. Guess how much the quinella will pay. One guess only. No edits.

Price is right rules so it will be the closest to the quinella dividend on S-TAB who hasn't gone over.

Share in $11 yankee on Derby Day to the winner ($22 if they get the quinella exactly).

Entries due Noon Friday EDST

Liefs $1.60
Chunky $2.40
Broar $2.70
Jug $2.80
Cyrill $2.90
AreyouFR $3.10
Terminators $3.20
VivLM $3.30
Acres $3.36 (already eliminated)
Clutchy $3.40
comeonolly $3.50
LP $3.80
Swansfan $4.00
Hurls $4.20
Bigpapa $5.13 (not interested in the $22)
Robby $5.40
Beeg $5.90
Aussie Assault $6.50
Ash $7.20
Juzza $7.70
Drake $8.60
Uptheblues $10.00
Heath $12.80
Gavin $14.20
BIC $19.80
Kanga $22.20
Checkraise $26.20
WW2K $33.60
Balmain $34.30
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Mar 17, 2014
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have always found the quinella formula for what they pay within about 10% is half the tote win dividend multiplied by the other tote win dividend.
so going by the fact that Harntell is overrated cos he has beaten walkers except Jameka, i will go the quinella will pay $12.80 (Winx and the french cat or BHB FWIW)

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