Rumour Patrick Cripps will go home to WA if Carlton miss the finals in 2021

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Monument Hills

Dec 12, 2017
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Hufflepuff, Wildcats, WCE womens
He’d be worth what we paid for Judd who was slightly younger but also a bit banged up
sorry, I heard "banged up". Must be Freo bound. We consistently have the best injury list. He'll have a plethora of blokes to hang with in the rehab rooms, or the 'A. Pearce' wing if he's more into long term rental than short term airbnb


Premiership Player
Oct 2, 2019
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West Coast
For the same reason Adelaide will be top four and Geelong are a bottom six side?
Fremantles issue are the same as always. Nothing in the front half, and injury list that cripples them and is longest in the league.

So no, very different reasons to ones you cited.


Senior List
Feb 21, 2019
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yeah that guy is cooked. Imagine your 🧠 actually believed that
Gun player and any club would be lucky to have him. Realistically if he did go to Freo it would allow Fyfe to play permanently forward without them losing midfield grunt and prolong his career by a few years. Cripps would then be 29/30 when the likes of Brayshaw, Serong, Cerra etc are 25ish. That would put them in a good position.

What’s he worth? Tough call because if he wants to leave Carlton and they are ok with him going home for family reasons, then that value is much lower. Even if both WA clubs were keen on him as a free agent it’s still not the same money as if he was on the open market to all clubs.
Will probably end up at Geelong somehow.

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Brunswick Trap King

Putin did it
Jun 1, 2009
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West Coast
Freo will be desperate to land any ‘big fish’ after the plethora of guppies they have traded in recently
I don't think so. Cripps has more value for Carlton than he really does for either WA side.

I just don't see either WC or Freo pursuing him that hard. Costs too much for a broken down player.
Sep 4, 2020
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Simon Prestigiacomo, Liverpool
Top 10% still means there are are 75 players better than Cripps.

He is 100% in the top 20 players in the league.
Don't bite, he's just baiting you. All football personalities rate him in the top 5-10 in the league. Realistically, these players (for mine) are better on current form:
Maybe Steele (Jack Steele)

And we all know that Cornes will say anything controversial to get airtime. If he was agreeable, nobody would listen to him.

Anyway, he wont go unless his partner wants to go home, that's the fact of the matter. His little brother who is an AFL hopeful is living in Victoria now too. Doubtful that he'd get his brother over to Victoria only to leave him high and dry the same year.


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Jun 27, 2008
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So if Carlton miss the finals this season he will go to Fremantle and miss the finals there for many seasons to come .This rumour seems to be lacking the element of logic.
If you're going to miss finals every year, you might as well do it at home and be comfortable. For him to go to Freo, it would very much be a sideway move - Carlton and Freo are both perennial bottom 10 teams.