Toast Patrick Lipinski - the 1000th Bulldog!

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Aug 10, 2016
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Western Bulldogs
Read he based his game on Bont, from Eltham like Bont, moved into the mid later in the season just like Bont, and he barracks for the Dogs too!
If he is half as good as Bont, we are in great hands


Aug 24, 2012
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Western Bulldogs
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T'Wolves, Renault F1, Footscray
From BigFooty phantom:
Geelong select Patrick Lipinski

Patrick Lipinski
Northern Knights/Vic Metro
DOB: 17/7/98, Height: 188cm, Weight: 79kg
Position: Midfielder/Forward

2016 Stats:

Profile: Patrick Lipinski might just be the most athletic player in this year's draft pool and very happy to snap him up at Pick 54. Started off 2016 as a goal threat for the Knights, as he kicked a goal in each of his first 6 games. Then a move into the midfield beckoned as he has averaged 27 disposals a game in his last 3 games. So he has showed he's able to be thrown into the midfield and not be a one trick pony, which will set the alarm bells off to AFL clubs. A former elite basketballer, which has served some other great up and coming players of the past such as Pendlebury and Petracca. Possesses a great leap and pair of hands as well, is a former Eltham JFC player, which as produced players such as Nick Vlastuin and David Zaharakis. His promise and athleticism grabbed him the required 4 nominations to be able to attend the National Combine in Melbourne later in the year.

Rationale: Provides a great option for the future, with the ability to play both midfield and forward, while crafting his trade in the Geelong VFL side. Also considered Oscar Junker, Judah Dundon and Jack Henry. But got an absolute steal here at #69.


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Sep 2, 2013
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Western Bulldogs
Patrick Lipinski (Northern Knights/Eltham/Whitefriars)

Born: 17.7.1998

Height: 188cm

Weight: 79kg

AFL bio: Medium forward-midfielder who shows excellent game sense and ball-winning ability through the midfield or as a forward. From a basketball background excelled this year for the Knights averaging 17 disposals in 12 games in the TAC Cup.

"This was Patty's first year in our program. He was an elite junior basketballer, and spent some time in America before coming back to footy. He went over there and weighed up his options midway through last year, and thankfully for us he chose football. He had a good preseason, he ran a 15-plus beep test and really solid results across the board, and early in the year his forward craft was very good. He played predominantly as a third tall through the early part of the year, kicked a number of goals and took some eye-catching marks. We put him into the midfield in round eight, it was the first opportunity he'd had to play there and he had 15 possessions in the first quarter and looked really natural in there. He ended up getting 32 touches and being best on ground that day, and he got another 30 the next week against the Western Jets in the wet. He broke his hand that week and didn't come back until round 16, unfortunately, but it was a good chance for him to work on his pace and his kicking in that time off. He's still developing, but he's really clean and smart and a good endurance athlete. He sees the game quite well, his overhead marking is good and as a kid he's a genius – he's aiming for 95 for his ENTER score. He's a humble kid, confident but quiet and we describe him as a bit of a cleanskin. He's a higher achiever in everything he does, he even plays the piano."

Rhy Gieschen, Northern talent manager

goodcop badcop

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Sep 4, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
Inside footy profile

Patrick Lipinski
186.9cm, 79.5kg

“Patrick came into the program for the first time this year having played a lot of junior basketball. His endurance is fantastic but his No1 asst is just his cleanness – he’s a real one touch player and his composure with the footy in hand is outstanding, which I think you see with a lot of those basketball background players. He started of the year as a medium forward and kicked a few goals and took some really good one-on-one marks, but really showed his draft qualities when he went into the midfield midway through the year”. – Northern Knights talent manager Rhy Gieschen


TAC cup
Games: 12
Kicks: 8.8
Kicking efficiency: 58.1%
Marks: 3.3
Handballs: 9.8
Disposals: 18.6
Disposal efficiency: 67.7%
Contested possessions %: 51.3
Tackles: 2.6

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Mar 1, 2008
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Sorry read that above profile from Dannn, but I think that was presuming Geelong picked up with their pick and said will show his craft in the Geelong VFL side.


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Nov 15, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
Pretty excited about the Polish Hammer. Can see him having an impact next year, probably the only one of our draft picks who'll get a look in at AFL level in 2017. Top ten in the beep test and the clean hands test at the national combine is a great combination for our style of play.

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