Toast Pendlebury: The best analysis of North players I’ve heard in the media in a very long time

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Aug 28, 2013
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If you guys haven’t listened to it, check out Pendlebury’s thoughts on north (especially Ben Cunnington) on the Jock and Journo podcast.

It will a) make you like Pendles a lot, and b) make you more angry at how bad the media is in general at understanding and representing North players.



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Apr 8, 2006
I am here.
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9m30s Ben Cunnington
12m30s continues on to talk about how it felt to play against us and our pressure
15m00s north setting up to defend
16m50s sympkin and cunnington untackleable
18m20s tribute to ben cunnington - top 5 non collingwood mids
21m45s caretaker coaches
23m40s rhyce shaw situation

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