PS4 Persona 5 - Including Royal and Striker

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Devon Goods
Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
AFL Club
Haters of the Persona series are weird

Got a friend who said the series is creepy, the writers are problematic, and fans of Persona series can't hold human interactions in real life

Meanwhile he likes Xenoblades where the female characters have Z cup tits, you collect robo anime girls who call you master

Of all the weeb games, this series probably is one of the most wholesome and unproblematic ones. I normally hate weeb sh*t but Persona's great
Hey Xenoblade games are great :p

I finished XBDE and then when straight into Royal which I finished a couple of days ago and both are great games but Persona 5 is its own beast entirely. Really hope Scramble comes out sooner rather than later aswell.


Hall of Famer
Dec 12, 2003
AFL Club
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Bombers/Liverpool FC
Finished P4 vanilla content and onto Golden content

The main cast is better than P5's, but the story's kinda meh IMO, bit of a mediocre murder mystery. Kinda obvious who the culprit is once you pay a bit of attention, and not a fan of the culprit either

Main cast absolutely more lovable than P5's, but some of the social links succccck

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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 17, 2006
AFL Club
West Coast
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80hrs deep on my second playthrough (1st time for Royal) and am as hooked as ever.

I think the last time I replayed a game was Mass Effect 2 or KOTOR, but man if this game isn't just as fun and awesome the second time around.

Royal adds A LOT of great content too.

I am forever indebted to my coworker from 3 years ago who recommended this game to me.


Jun 25, 2011
Covitorian SSR
AFL Club
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Any little caution I had previously being a totally different style of game were dashed quick. I'm only a few battles in but it was a blast, it still feels like a Persona game. It felt like a reunion of friends too because there was about the same time of passed from P5 to Strikers as when I played Royal. Probably the only thing missing that I thought would have been cool was if it could read a P5 or Royal save for some contextual dialogue, even if it was just something at the start.

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