Game Day Peter Jackson VFL Grand Final - Casey Scorpions v Footscray - Etihad Stadium, 3pm


BigFooty Tanker
Jun 23, 2011
Q49, Olympic Stand
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Newcastle United Seattle Seahawks
Casey Scorpions

58. M White, 50. C Garland, 15. D Keilty
63. V Michie, 1. J Hutchins, 81. L Dunn
68. M Jones, 69. B Kennedy, 60. C Salem
62. D Terlich, 20. T Smith, 70. B Newton
72. A Neal-Bullen, 49. S Weideman, 80. J Grimes
59. J Spencer, 54. J Trengove, 51. C Oliver
27. A Scott, 17. E Morris, 6. J Munro, 55. L Hulett, 79. J Smith, 5. P Pattison, 47. D Collis, 25. O McInerney
35. A Ferreira

Melbourne-listed players:
White, Garland, Michie, Dunn, M.Jones, Kennedy, Salem, Terlich, Newton, Neal-Bullen, Weideman, Grimes, Spencer, Trengove, Oliver, Hulett, Smith


B: 44. J Adcock, 57. J Staley, 36. B Lynch
HB: 31. B Dale, 34. B Williams, 37. R Smith
C: 51. L Dalgleish, 46. L Jong, 65. J Russell
HF: 22. M Honeychurch, 25. K Stevens, 54. N Jamieson
F: 19. L Webb, 15. T Campbell, 26. D Hamilton
R: 27. W Minson, 68. A Barry, 61. L Nash
Int: 69. J Grabowski, 67. J Wallis, 56. W Hayes, 60. A Tashevski-Beckwith, 64. J Hayes, 66. M Hannan, 52. S Deery, 55. A Greenwood
23P: 69. B Long

Game day!

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RIP Col Sylvia
Jan 7, 2010
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The Exers, Red Bull F1, Ireland CC
Looking forward to Minson v Spencer in the ruck. Clash of the Titans!
I think we'll win, due to having more senior level experience out there.
Dogs won't make it easy for us - their senior listed players will put in big ones to put their hands up for senior selection next week.


Jul 18, 2013
AFL Club
  • All State League clubs (non AFL) can play one (1) player in addition to the regular 22 players, known as the “23rd player” .
  • The 23rd player must under the age of 21 on January 1st of that season.
  • Each player can play no more than six (6) matches (including finals) per year as the 23rd player.
  • The 23rd player rule will be implemented in both home and away and finals matches – usual qualification rules apply.
  • Each player can play no more than 20 NEAFL or senior State League (WAFL, SANFL, VFL, TSL) matches to be eligible to play as the 23rd player.
  • Once a player has played six (6) matches in the same home & away season or plays his 20th NEAFL or senior State League (WAFL, SANFL, VFL, TSL) match, he must be then included in the 22 and the 23rd player spot is available for someone else to be selected in.
  • The 23rd player can only come off the primary list or rookie list.
  • AFL clubs will be exempt from this rule and will play with 22 in all matches.

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