Petition to the club to appoint Shawry as our next coach


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Dec 2, 2001
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Well if people can start a Sack Brad Scott petition, I can start a petition to appoint Shawry as the man to coach us. I say appoint him because:

  1. The team is playing a new invigorated tough uncompromising brand of football.
  2. On his own admission he is a defensive minded coach and the players seem to be responding to that style.
  3. Three wins out of four is a great start, but of course that's a very small sample.
  4. Two of those wins were against genuine contenders, Richmond and Collingwood, though I hear the naysayers point out both of those clubs had good footballers out through injury.
  5. It seems that the players really like him.
  6. He unashamedly wants the job.
  7. He looks very composed in the coaching box at all times.
  8. He's happy to eat lollies in the most public of places and doesn't give a "you know what" about who sees him doing that. (Hope he's got a good dentist though he did play for the Pies and I don't think many Pies people have heard of dentists.)
  9. He's a premiership player.
  10. He was a battling half back flanker who understands much better what it is like to be a battler.
  11. He's nearly as ugly as I am, not that that is a prerequisite to be a good coach.
I don't want to see a previously tried coach, unless it is Simmo and it seems he's not ready to come home. Longmire will cost us a packet, I'm not sure he is as good a coach as some people suggest (though if Nick Blakey came as part of the package well yeah), I think Ratten is the best of the rest of the previously tried coaches, otherwise stay clear of them.

I remember that the Sydney people swung the matter in Paul Roos favour, over the apparently previously appointed (verbally) Terry Wallet and that proved to be a very smart move by those Sydney people.

So let's get on board the Shawry for coach bandwagon. (now that I'm on it he's probably stuffed :rolleyes:)
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Apr 24, 2013
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Happy to have Rhyce, but there's no need for any petitioning.

The only petitioning we need to consider is the removal of the board if it doesn't do the job it's supposed to do. My petitioning will be activated if they fail again.

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Feb 14, 2008
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It's not just the win loss ratio.
It's how the players are responding.
It's overwhelming a team effort and our reliance on our top 5 players is minimised.
Finally , hate to use the word we have a brand and a game style that makes it easy as a spectator to know what we will get from the team.

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Aug 24, 2002
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what is the hurry? No other club is going to take him off our hands if we don't appoint him now. Carlton will get an experienced coach, Saints most likely Brad. Decision should be made after we win the premiership :p
Agree there's no rush at the moment. The only thing the club does have to consider - and it's a good problem to have - is that if he wins too many games they are on a hiding to nothing if they don't give him the job. We have 8 games to go, he's won 3/4 and looked every chance of pinching the 4th. Personally I think if he gets more than half of the remaining 8 games and no bad losses it would put a lot of pressure on the club to give him the role.


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Oct 10, 2014
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He's making your mate Brad Scotts look a tad ordinary.
yep - all while not appeasing the masses in bringing in every young player on the list, dropping the usual WBC and older players (thompson/goldstein).

who would've thought that some subtle changes in the game plan and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater would work? (hint - i did)


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Mar 21, 2010
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The players are the ones that deserve most of the credit.

A petition based on what looks good now is naive.


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Aug 30, 2011
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It's funny posters say it's too small a sample size. FFS he has more of a sample size than did Dean Laidley & Brad Scott and has us playing a better style in 4 games then we have seen for their ENTIRE ******* tenures.

The only disappointing thing thus far has been our inaccuracy in front of goal. Make no mistake we blew a huge chance against both gws (to give us value for effort early) & blew a golden chance at an 80 + point blowout of the pies.

In this case I hope we're not too clever by half by looking a gift horse in the mouth.

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