Phoenix Suns Thread - Lets get it!


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Sep 10, 2007
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Phoenix Suns
Slow start to the season, but was great to see us get back to some "Suns basketball" in quarters 2 and 3 against Cleveland.

Not sure if anyone else saw it, but I believe that Monty pulled some structures he was testing out during those quarters, might've started to worry about another dropped game. Did revert to some of those plays in the last though when the game was tucked away.

Big week for us with 4 games all at home, we should pocket at least 3. Although I would be a little disappointed if it wasn't 4.
I don’t look too far ahead at schedules and games we should win. Just need to focus on the game to game stuff. Our 3 point shooting is horrible right now so that needs to lift and quickly.

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