Games & Recreation Photography: Who's into it what Camera and Lens do you have and show us some of pictures thread


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May 2, 2014
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I use a Nikon D5600 and then mainly use a 55-300mm lens. My old man enjoyed photographing before us kids came around and I have only recently gotten into it under his encouragement. Haven't taken any crazy photos but I rate some of the animal photos I have here. :) ((Will have to link via imgur due to the files being too big apparently :( ))

TThis photo with the rising sun coming through the bushes/tree is pretty neat I reckon.

Okay, that's my big post over for now, will probably post some more photos as I take some more / look through my backlog of photos ;) I've enjoyed looking at the great photos in this thread.

Jason mp

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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I've always wanted to get into photography, it was one of the things I thought of as a career when I was a child but it just disappeared as the years rolled by, I had one of these >

I'd like to get into it in my retirement which is now, what would the BF photography experts say would be a good camera to buy for nature photography.. mainly scenery and some wildlife. I'm extremely technologically illiterate so the least complicated and automatic the better, I'd be willing to spend up to around $1000.00.

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