Photoshop Photoshop Challenge: The Fremantle v Brisbane brouhaha.

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Chugging Adrenochrome
Dec 1, 1999
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Do your best/worst with this picture and win a 12 month Bigfooty Platinum Account!

What you get:

Platinum Memberships:
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-1000MB of Media storage: Platinum Members can have up to 1000MB in their Media Gallery. This is 200MB for standard members.
Change User Name: Change own username once via the "User Name Change" link on your account page. Note that all past usernames are listed on profiles to avoid confusion.

-No flood check: Bypass flood-check, normal members must wait 30 seconds before posting again.
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-Reorganise your Medals: Change the order your medals appear under your profile.
-Edit thread titles: Edit your own thread titles within 5 minutes of creating the thread, this is 1 minute for normal members.
-Larger Avatar file size: Avatar file upload size can be up to 2 MB, four times that of normal members.
-More conversation participants: Start conversations with up to 12 other members at once. Normal members can start a Convo with up to 4 people.
-Premium Forum: Special premium forum available only to subscribers - JOIN THE CLUB!

Photoshop the picture above for a chance to win!

Winners will be judged for humour and originality

Please keep your shoops clean and within Bigfooty rules, cheers 🤗

Recent comp:

For your convenience, here are the figures isolated from the background

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Tonga Bob

Oct 26, 2013
Upper Creek
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SFFC, LFC, ADO, CI Warriors
Old mate should've painted Jordan Clark's chicken coop


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