List Mgmt. Pick #14 Miles Bergman

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Ford Fairlane

Feb 21, 2002
Port Adelaide 5015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide Magpies
Bergman focused on adding strength to his 183cm frame over the off-season and did plenty of interval running to build his fitness but manage the loads on his shins, which have troubled him in the past.
Bergman added strength and took height from his 188cm frame ;)

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I drive a truck

Nov 4, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I’m confident that this is Robbies, Motlop and Rockliff’s last year.

The bright side of this is with people like Watts, hoff, Robbie ,Rockliff, Ebert and Motlop retiring, that frees up a lot of cap room, too what was already reportedly a “war chest” . We should be hunting down players like Merret and Lukosius in the trade period and free agency this year.

Get Luko so he can be easily out marked in contests?

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