Toast Pick #20 Welcome to Carlton Sam Philp

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Oct 5, 2019
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Apologies for the intrusion.

congratulations on picking Sam Philp - a lot of people were blown away when he was not picked for Vic Metro earlier this year. This just inspired him.

whilst there is a lot of people talking about his speed, check out his tackling and 1% numbers - they are elite.

Sam has outstanding character - very modest, team orientated, smart and speaks well. Team mates highly respect him.

has played a lot club junior footy against Rowell, Anderson and Williams and always held his own against these highly rated juniors.

St Marys have now provided Carlton with Kruiser, Mason Blakey and Sam Philip - Enjoy them and good luck in 2020.


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Oct 1, 2014
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Really think this will work out well for us, kid has all the tools, especially attitude.

What's a good game on you tube to get a look at him?

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Oct 23, 2003
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Oct 2, 2005
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Does anyone know if he can play a second position or is everyone still researching up on him like me? I’ve read he isn’t great on the outside so I would assume a future full time mid is his most likely go?
Said in an interview that he played as a small forward in his junior days so could probably start there.


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Mar 23, 2007
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Listening to his interview, Sammy seems incredibly intelligent, driven, and humble. The more of these types into the club, the better. Well done SoS and Brodie. Can't wait to watch him grow.
Yeah, he's very impressive. Speaks very well and seems to be highly intelligent and acutely self-aware.

I'll admit to knowing very little of all of the draftees outside the top 10 or so, but I'll follow this young fella's career with interest. Could really be one to watch. Seems like he'll get everything out of himself and more.

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Nov 11, 2005
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What's a good game on you tube to get a look at him?

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Anyone of the Northern Knights games because he hardly missed a beat all season.

Excellent article which speaks to the character and work ethic of the young man.

I think he may surprise a few how quickly he pushes for selection - he clearly means business.

In some ways his drive and determination reminds me of what we heard about Stocker last year too - more of these types please.
This was a really good read. The kid clearly has a good head on his shoulders & similar to Cripps will leave no stone unturned to get the best out of himself.


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Sep 8, 2018
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Here you go The Bighouse

A Tale of Two Philpy’s

Ok so this is one of the more intriguing prospects I think I’ve ever seen. His first five games this year were really average. He did nothing that said AFL player. Literally nothing. It is not at all surprising to me that he didn’t get picked for Vic Metro now. He just got he ball and dishes off quickly. Created nothing. Didn’t show his pace. Nothing. Played on Green a bit in Round 4 and it was a man against a boy.

His round 7 game was the turning point of his year, maybe life. For the change made him draftable. Clearly he had a big chat/reflection/something. Or he was carrying an injury before that. Either way he was a new player. He started using his pace. He went forward, led out, took chest marks and was dangerous.

I don’t see his year as a ‘constant rate of progress’. I see it as a ‘stepwise change’ from round 7 on. Then maybe slight improvements thereafter.

So a summary of what I saw from round 7 to the end of the year....

He clearly thinks a lot about his game. First piece of evidence for that is when he has the chance to get space he REALLY focuses on straightening up before kicking. That makes his passing really reliable up to 40-45m. The second piece of evidence is that I think from that round 7 game he started to hold on to the ball and drive into space with his pace. And the third is he started hitting ground balls on the move- to over come his weaknesses and maximise the benefits of his speed. The quality of thinking about his game is wonderful and makes me think he will really thrive in an environment where he can get access to footage and coaching at an elite level.

So his kicking is good. Like don’t worry about it at all. You’ll have no Paddy Dow wtf moments. He won’t slice up play with it. But he’s AFl standard kicking. His left foot is probably ‘in case of emergency’ only, and I wouldn’t call him dual sided. His hands are good. Not amazing. You may see him make the occasional fumble but in my judgment it is a result of his ball collection strategy: he tries to take the ball on the move. I think he does that because he’s not physically strong, and so to avoid being tackled too often he hits the ball on the move instead of waiting for it. Frankly I applaud the strategy. I’d rather see him make a fumble error every couple of games than get tackled 6 times a game.

He is really dangerous forward. Transitioning forward mainly. He bursts into space onto loose balls, balances and kicks goals with composure. Everyone has cited his ability to burst from packs. It’s very Dow like. He’s just more composed after he hits space than Paddy.

As I’ve alluded to he is not strong. I was a bit surprised by that given he’s 185 and 80. He doesn’t look 80. In particular he needs a lot of core strength work. He collapses a bit too much when tackled. Not Fish or LOb bad but not ideal. The lack of strength dramatically reduces his burst impact. He loses a bit of momentum being bumped and slowed down a fair bit due to being more easily tackled. It is.l in this area where he doesn’t match Dow- Dow stands up brilliantly in tackles. If he can fix this it will generate another stepwise effect in his game. His strength also makes him run defensively out of stoppages more than I’d like (although it’s better than him doing what he did in the first few games of the year- just ‘give off’). If he was stronger he’d go harder through the front of packs more. Back himself more.

A second major area of improvement is footy nous. He is like the opposite of Walsh. He doesn’t get involved in link up play. He ball watches a bit and does automatically move into “how can I get back involved” mode. Unclear whether these are a result of Knights game style issues, his role, or perhaps conditioning. This I think is why his disposals are not as high as you’d like.

Another improvement area for him is his creativity. By hand and foot he is very safe. I want to see him tuck the ball under his arm and crash forward over and over with his pace. Continue to attack with his legs.

If you want to see what he can do go watch the last play of around 10 on the NaB League app. Bursts onto the ball. Picks it up at his feet. Uses his pace to create space. Hits a target on his left. He clearly worked hard on his game through the year. Really impressive.

In any event- I love his weaknesses. For a kid with his attitude I really expect him to improve them dramatically. I now think he’s a high chance of having a long and strong career.
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Oct 6, 2004
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I must say, I don't get those ratings colour codes, what makes Phillips' ceiling 'elite' and Philp's and Honey's only 'high' (or whatever green is) and why is Ramsay's only half finished?

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Oct 11, 2019
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Clean hands and precision wax and wane in both of their games. Fisher double grabs a lot for someone who should be able to get low to the ground and pluck the ball.
I expect to see great improvement in Fish next season. He has just gone through his second season and he was a bit disappointing, second-year blues i believe. I still love the kid and with a big pre-season he should be ready to step up.


Sep 26, 2004
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I must say, I don't get those ratings colour codes, what makes Phillips' ceiling 'elite' and Philp's and Honey's only 'high' (or whatever green is) and why is Ramsay's only half finished?
Not sure what there is to 'get'; it is simply the way someone has chosen to rate the attributes of players many won't have seen play before.

The top 30 players had full write ups but those who attended state combines or similar had more restricted profiles.

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