Toast Pick 41 - Welcome to Carlton Jack Carroll

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The Return of the Paf

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Aug 22, 2020
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Agreed, and he went in the same range as Ramsay last year who has pretty similar attributes including his general read around the ground.

That extra second often evaporates when you get to AFL level with more physical pressure and specialist drills to combat player movement through traffic.
I think it's far easier to judge players who definitely don't have that particular point of difference than those that have. There is a whole industry built on the smugness of that fact. On that note, IMO, players who a pretty much bog standard at everything are as useless at AFL level as players who are standout athletes who lack footy nous, if not more so.

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Mar 26, 2008
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We have a hell of a list of young midfielders with potential now. It's going to be good viewing in our reserves to see who is coming through.

I like the sound of him, competitor. I think if you're tough, skilld and competitive then you have a lot going for you.

Sounds like a slider in a lot of people's opinions which is good. Could be a solid center man who can rest forward perhaps. Looks like he'll take some time as inside mids do but will be a big strong guy.

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