List Mgmt. Pick #5 - Welcome Adam Cerra [Traded to Carlton for 6 & F3]

Which brand of spud do we end up with (not if you want them or not)

  • SPS

  • Fisher

  • Carroll

  • Newnes

  • Dow

  • Nada

  • Brackets McSpuddin

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 24, 2015
AFL Club
Here you go...
As I said, I still think Carlton will trade pick 6 to Brisbane for their picks 15 and 18. That gives Carlton options. They could say take pick 15 and 24, then hand us cerra and your 2022 3rd rounder. Its unders, but I would accept it. there's 1-5% he goes to the PSD. At least you have pick 15 to get another young gun.

I wont be suprised if Essendon swoop in for an offer.

but lets see how it plays out.....
I see them doing it. I see Carlton turning pick 6 for Brisbanes 14 and 18.

Remember the Brad Hill trade? Peter Bell demanded a couple of 1st rounders including Saints pick 6. Saints traded pick 6 to GWS for picks 12 and 18.

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Brownlow Medallist
May 3, 2007
Parts Unknown
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Man City, Valencia, Lazio, Panthers
Dont even mate, do I need to go back and actually post the ridiculous trades you suggested, they were a long long way off 6 and a F3
you could if you want. It would of been worse.

After the Brad Hill trade. Anything was possible. Peter bell demanded 2 1st rounders from the saints, that included their pick 6. Saints then split pick 6 to gws for picks 12 and 18. Peter Bell then demanded picks 12 and 18, then those picks went to Port.

Again, I always feared that carlton was going to split pick 6 for brisbanes picks 15 and 18, because Cerra was out of contract


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 11, 2016
AFL Club
Well I got mocked on the Cerra thread on the drafts and trade board that carlton will bend us over.

Pick 6 and a future 3rd sounds like unders to me...
I had a go at you because you sounded deliriously happy about it

WTF was that all about

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 16, 2015
Inside 50
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Claremont Tigers
Unders, but it was stacked in Calton's favour.

Uncontracted, Vic Metro, nominates club, is pretty much the worst situation to be in if you're a WA team.

Pick 6 is handy, We currently have a really good draft hand.

Hope we don't blow it on the Clark deal.
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Stockholm Syndrome
Oct 12, 2019
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South Fremantle, Hull City


All Australian
Oct 5, 2004
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South Freo Footy Club
Sounds like Lobb is going back to GWS as he has just completed a medical with them as reported by the West Australian


I ain't sayin' nothin'!
Mar 25, 2021
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Las Vegas Bears
We used pick 5, put three years of development into him, and get 6 and a set of steak knives?

Out of contract means he could walk, but it still feels light on.
We didn't even get steak knives. We got a plastic knife and fork.

It happens. Good riddance. I'm glad it's over so we can now move on.

When he is sick of crazy Vossy and the Carlton "power brokers" after two years and wants back we can tell him where to go.

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