List Mgmt. Pick #5 - Welcome Adam Cerra

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Feb 19, 2016
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With pick 5 the Fremantle Dockers select..

Adam Cerra!

DOB: 7/10/1999
POSITION: Midfielder / Forward
HEIGHT: 186cm
WEIGHT: 80kg
DRAFTED FROM: Eastern Ranges

Adam Cerra is a tough and classy midfielder from Melbourne's North-East.

In 2017, Cerra combined his football at Wesley College, Eastern Ranges and Vic Metro and had a very impressive year, establishing himself as one the premier players in the 2017 draft class.

He is beautifully balanced on both sides of his body, strong over the footy and clean at ground level.

Cerra plays a physical brand of football and works hard around the ground. He is strong and courageous overhead and also has the ability to push forward and be a dangerous marking option.

He possesses great footy smarts and a rare mix of winning his own ball and outside class. Cerra was the only midfielder at TAC level to average elite for disposals (26.3), contested possessions (14.5), marks (6.8), goals (1.3) and score involvements (7.5) per game, showing he could dominate games while remaining accountable and team-oriented.

A true competitor and selfless team player, Adam is a fantastic football character.

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Aug 17, 2009
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I like him, he didn't look too happy though. Not sure if the lass was his mrs, but her mouth smiled whilst the eyes told another story.

If his kicking and decision making is as good as it's said to be, will be a sensational recruit.

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Jan 18, 2002
A bay at Rotto
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East Rottnest
Weird call. But Mathew Lloyd and Brad Lloyd watched LDU plenty this year.
LDU had already been grabbed.

Yes the rumour is he has go home potential, but if he is a player who gives 100%, if he wants out in 3 years, he will be a good bargaining chip. From a negative, can come a positive.


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Apr 27, 2014
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Quite like him as a player, good, classy kick which we need more of. The go-home factor definitely worries me though. Hoping I'm wrong but I could easily see him leaving 4-5 years down the track.

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