List Mgmt. Pick 56 - Dougal Howard 199cm KPF (err KPD) ... maybe KPF

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May 26, 2017
Uruguayana, RS (BRA)
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Port Adelaide
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Grêmio, DC United, Indians (MLB)
I originally had him as an out, but i've always rated him. Hopefully we take advantage of Richmond's weaknesses and push him forward a few times to get mismatches.
I want Howard to become our next Westhoff. I say "next," even though Howard will probably retire first, at the age of 35, because Westhoff is already playing as Westhoff.


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Aug 13, 2007
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Port Adelaide
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Doogs really benefits or suffers from what's happening up field. As mentioned his strength is spoiling as third man up so we really need to ball coming into defence to be high loopy sh*t which gives him time to get across.

If the ball is coming in halfway decent (no defender can stop lace out on the tit) he's going to struggle more than Jonas or Clurey.


Mar 1, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Dougs brings a lot of good stuff to the team but he's too unreliable and makes too many mistakes to play as a key defender in a low scoring team. It's basically soul destroying when he gives up a cheap goal given how hard we have to work at the other end to put goals of our own on the board.


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Apr 26, 2016
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Port Adelaide

Remember this scene from Bad Boys...

One of our coaches needs to do this to Howard.

That's how you supposed to play...from now on thats how you play.

Destroyed the best forward line in the comp.

Howard may just be our most important piece in the puzzle.


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Nov 16, 2004
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The Mighty Blacks
The Moment on Monday: Port’s Dougal Howard and Todd Marshall produce emphatic response to being dropped in the first month of the season
FORM will dictate who gets dropped but the art of coaching is when, so to illicit the best response, and Port Adelaide’s match committee has been spot on this season.The first big call came in pre-season when Dougal Howard was left out of JLT 2 for Jack Watts who shone in his new home at half-back.

The second came after Round 2 when Todd Marshall was axed for his slow start.Two big calls given they’re what Port hope will be their centre-half-back and centre-half-forward for the next decade.But coach Ken Hinkley is also coaching for the now and clearly knows what makes his players tick and the message they need both publicly and privately. Both were playing their third game of the season against West Coast on Friday night and were outstanding. And the man who came in for Marshall a fortnight earlier — Sam Gray — was in the best three players on the ground.

Howard’s moment arrived early in the third quarter. Port had absorbed five minutes of pressure as the home side tried to wrestle back momentum. As Andrew Gaff peeled off half-back he delivered a perfect pass for Josh Kennedy at half-forward but not perfect enough. Howard’s closing speed saw him arrive to spoil then in the same motion lunge at Lewis Jetta who was about to take off with the footy and caught him holding the ball. Instead of the ball going inside West Coast’s 50 it went forward for Port, Gray kicked a set-shot goal and it was 69-14. “Outstanding”, “fantastic for his teammates”, “a real lifter for himself” is how Power assistant coach Brett Montgomery described it. “It certainly almost put the full stop on the game,” Montgomery said. Just before that Howard affected a double-spoil on Ryan to thwart another Eagles attack up the middle and he finished with a team-high eight one per centers. Eric Hipwood kicked the best part of six goals on him in Brisbane in Round 3 but since returning to the side he’s been very important......

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Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 6, 2016
Bar Rossa
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Port Adelaide
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1%era (spoils, knock on's, shepherd's and smothers)

42 jonas
32 Howard
27 clurey
22 lycett
20 ryder
Howard has played 2 less games.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 1, 2014
People's Republic of Onkaparinga
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Port Adelaide
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Depending where you look Dougal is starting the bulk up a bit. He is now listed as 92Kgs on the Power website and 95kgs on Footywire. I guess they do not use the same scales?

At least Dougal is developing a physical presence now for Todd Marshall and Billy Frampton.


May 26, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
From Themongrelpunt:
[COLOR=rgba(26, 26, 26, 0.701961)]Then they have this contest killer named Dougal Howard who runs around with his fist cocked like Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, just waiting to punch the ball. [/COLOR]

Ivan Drago - Love it...


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2008
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Port Adelaide
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adelaide 36ers
yeah I think he has been very good for a few weeks now.

that game where he went forward the focus was on that but he was having an excellent game back.

the key is for him is his workmate. if he gets to contests he will influence them. needs to improve decision making with the ball because his skills and speed with the ball for height are excellent. and decision making when defending when the ball comes to ground.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 8, 2015
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Port Adelaide
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Aussie Cricket Team, Port Maggies
Really good game by Howard. Loving the marks. Just needs to clean up on his kicking a bit (like every other bastard).

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